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Tips to Get You Started on The Cowgirl & Unicorn Sex Machines

Tips to Get You Started on The Cowgirl & Unicorn Sex Machines - The Cowgirl Blog

Written by sex journalist and expert, Gabrielle Kassel, for The Cowgirl. 

Maybe you’re thinking about buying a sex machine but need help understanding how you’ll use it. Or maybe you’re already a proud owner, but need help figuring out how to enjoy it with your partner(s). To help you navigate these, and other, pressing sex machine questions we put together this sex machine beginner guide. 

What is a ride-on sex machine, exactly? 

Ride-on sex machines are mechanical devices designed to be mounted, received, and grinded against for pleasure. 

Also known as saddle machines, sex machines, fuck machines, rideable vibrators, or mega vibrators,  these saddle-shaped devices are typically straddled, the way someone might straddle their partner during rider-on-top, cowgirl, cowperson, and reverse rider. 

The Cowgirl and Unicorn Sex Machine can also be tilted onto their side and enjoyed from the missionary, spooning, or even doggy style position. 

What can I expect to feel?

The main purpose of ride-on sex machines is pleasure. By delivering 1,200 rpm of super rumbly, high-intensity vibration, The Cowgirl and Unicorn Sex Machine are able to transmit vibrations to your body that are even more intense than most wand vibrators, including the oh-so-powerful Le Wand

The Cowgirl and Unicorn Sex Machine also have an optional rotation feature that allows the penetrative attachments to swivel around the base with low to high speeds to provide a more realistic experience. 

If you choose to utilize this rotational feature, you can expect an experience somewhere between riding a mechanical bull and riding the best lay of your life. Yee-haw!

Where can I use it?

Measuring in at 16.7 inches long, 13.4 inches wide, and 10.9 inches high, in theory, The Cowgirl and Unicorn Sex Machine can be used on any stable surface that can accommodate their size, as well as the combined weight of the machine (24.5 pounds) and you and your partner(s). 

The bedroom, living room, and kitchen floor are all good options. If you’re planning to straddle the machine and have tender knees, or want to use the machine while on your back, a padded surface like your bed or yoga mat are good options. 

Worth mentioning: While not unbearably loud, the machine is not quiet. So it’s better to set the machine up in a house or complex with hearty walls, for example,  than in an apartment complex with paper-thin walls. 

Tips to Get You Started on The Cowgirl & Unicorn Sex Machines - How to use the controller and app - The Cowgirl Blog

How do I use the controller and/or app? 

There are two ways to control the vibration and rotation settings of the machine: with the corded remote control, or through the Cowgirl Smartphone App. 

To set up the controller, make sure the vibration and rotation settings are turned to the off position. Then, push the corded remote control plug into the correlating port on the machine.  (Don’t worry, there’s really only one place to put the plug into). As soon as it’s been connected, a red light will pop on the remote to confirm it’s ready for action. (If you’re a visual learner, take a peek at page 4 of the user manual). 

When you’re ready to get moving and grooving, rotate the corresponding knob clockwise to increase intensity or rotational speed. To explore the different vibrational patterns, press the pattern bottom to cycle through the six different options.  

If you want a partner to control the machine, another option is to download The Cowgirl Smartphone app. With simple touch buttons replacing the knobs of the remote, this wireless option grants you (and your partners) permission to move freely. 

(You can also lock into place your preferred settings to avoid ruining an orgasm in case of an inadvertent touch of the screen)

How do I use the machine solo? 

Tips to Get You Started on The Cowgirl & Unicorn Sex Machines - Pick Your Attachment - The Cowgirl Blog

1. Pick your attachment

Just as you pick your player before starting a video game, you need to pick your attachment before beginning your ride. 

All machines come with the Rawhide attachment, a non-penetrative option for textured grinding, and the Wild West attachment, a basic penetrative attachment that can be used for vaginal or anal intercourse. If these are the only two you have, which you choose will come down to your answer to the question: Do I want to be penetrated today? 

If you own additional attachments, secure the one you most want to ride. If you’re having trouble deciding, ask yourself: Do I want to be penetrated? If yes, by what girth and in how many holes? Your answer will help you narrow down where the Bareback, Bronco, Buckwild, or Lone Ranger

2. Secure and lather your attachment. 

Now that you’ve picked out which attachment you want to use, it’s time to attach it to the base. One side at a time, finagle the attachment over the contact piece until both ends are snug. 

Next, lather both the attachment and your body with some water or oil-based lubricant. (Silicone-based lubricant is not compatible with the silicone attachments!). 

Pro tip: Use more lubricant than you think you might need, especially on attachments that have a swatch of textured nubs. The lubricant will help your body glide over the raised portions, rather than rubbing your body raw. 

Tips to Get You Started on The Cowgirl & Unicorn Sex Machines - Start Slow - The Cowgirl Blog

3. Start slow. 

Yes, you’re going to use the machine to get off. But that doesn’t mean you need tostart on the machine. Or start naked on the machine. 

Because the vibration quality of The Cowgirl and Unicorn Sex Machine is so intense, it can be helpful to prepare your body to spend some time self-pleasuring off the machine using your hands, a pillow, hand-held vibrator (like the Le Wand Bullet), or butt plug (like the b-Vibe Unicorn Vibrating Butt Plug). 

Preparing your body with pleasure is especially important if you’re planning to use the machine to exploreanal penetration because the anal sphincter muscles need time to be coaxed into relaxation ahead of play. 

4. Experiment

From rocking and rolling to humping and bumping, rubbing and tribbing, to thrusting and tucking, there are limitless ways to move on and with The Cowgirl and Unicorn Sex machines. To find what rhythms feel good to you, take time to experiment. 

This goes for the angle of your body against the machine, too. Take the time to tilt your pelvis in a variety of directions until you feel the vibration just where you want ‘em. 

5. Keep at it!

Once you know what feels good, keep going for as long as it feels good. 

Then next time, either do what felt good again. Or, switch it up! Pleasure-seekers, choice. 

How do I use the machine with a partner or in a group? 

1. Talk about WHY you want to use the machine!

Some pleasure-seekers use The Cowgirl with their partner(s) to fulfill voyeur or exhibitionist fantasies. Some do it to recreate the sensation of adding in a third partner. Others do it for the hands-free sensation of fullness. 

Each of these, and the other, reasons all invoke a slightly different headspace and sequence of events. Essential for maximizing pleasure and mutual satisfaction, communicating with your partner about your personal WHY ahead of time will make sure you’re on the same page. 

2. Discuss logistics. 

Just as you should before any partnered or multi-partnered play, before hopping on a big vibe it’s important to talk about things like what sex acts are on the table, what safer sex practices you’ll be implemented, what pregnancy prevention methods will be used. 

Some questions you should know the answer to ahead of time: 

  • Who is going to be riding the machine? 
  • What will the other participant(s) be doing at the same time? 
  • What barriers are we going to use on the machine? 
  • What barriers are you going to use on body parts? And during what acts? 
  • Will the machine be cleaned between users? If so, how, by who, and with what? 
  • What birth control methods are going to be used and by who? 
  • What sex acts are off the table? 

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate.  

Thestart of play doesn’t mark theend of communicating. While you pleasure each other, and experience pleasure at the “hand” of The Cowgirl, continue with frequent check-ins. 

You might say: 

  • How does this feel?
  • Do you want me to keep going? 
  • Do you prefer this [demonstrate] or this [demonstrate]?
  • What are you craving right now?
  • What are you in the mood for? 

4. Sexperiment!

Thanks to your pre-sex chatting you should know how everyone involved feels about things like blindfolds, handcuffs, name-calling, hot wax, and teasing toys. 

Assuming you have the necessary sexcessories, incorporate them! 

5. Practice aftercare. 

Sometimes known as post-game analysis, pillow-talk, or post-coital chatter, aftercare is the practice of checking in with your partners when all is said and come. 

Your move: After you and your partner(s) have ridden The Cowgirl, talk about what during the sexperience felt good, as well as what felt so-so. Then, take that information and make the necessary adjustments.