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Free Gifts worth $380 on Unicorn Premium Sex Machine purchases!





Take the reins for the rodeo of your life with the Cowgirl 2.0 app. Turn any Bluetooth device into your personal pleasure remote for controlling your Cowgirl or Unicorn Premium Sex Machine. Our app is ideal for making seamless adjustments to your pleasure session, giving you full control over your machine's settings and leaving your hands free to fully indulge in your experience.

Bluetooth Connection

Get connected for complete control. Simply download the app from your Play Store or App store and power on your Bluetooth to stay in the saddle from up to 30ft away. Give your partner control over your pleasure, or wrangle your lover's lust remotely for roleplay experiences or kinky control sessions.

Single-Hand Mode

Always keep one hand free for whatever need might... arise with Single-hand Mode. Control the rotation and intensity of your ride with a simple finger slide.

Dual-Hand Mode

Grab the bull by the horns for full, seamless control in Dual-Hand Mode. Simultaneously adjust rotation and vibration for a range of sensations.

Multiple Patterns

Use the pattern preset options to let the Cowgirl take you on a journey with rhythmic sequences to stimulate you into the sunset. With a variety of options that will have you rocking, grinding, pulsing, and vibing, we've thought of every attachment and stimulation when curating this cumfest of presets.

Get lost in a loop

Gallop into an infinity of paradise with the Endless Pleasure mode. Use our preset functions, or explore the settings yourself and combine them together for an ultimate, hands-free experience. Create your own patterns and loops to rotate and vibrate to your climactic finish.

Stay up to date

Keep your stable well stocked and well informed with the latest blog articles, tutorials, and sale information. From regular blog updates that teach you how to use your Sex Machine in new and interesting positions, guides to hosting your next sex session, and helpful tips for keeping your pleasure partner well maintained, our library is always open for you.