Silicone Attachments

100% body-safe attachments for The Cowgirl Sex Machine ready to take you on every adventure of your wildest fantasies.

Pleasure Products

Take your ride up a stride with pleasure products to make your play on The Cowgirl Sex Machine a thoroughly fulfiling journey.


Enhance your play on The Cowgirl. Whether you're exploring bondage and BDSM or looking for something sexy to tease, we've got it all.

Sensual Care

Keep your attachments and toys in prime condition with our variety of toy cleaners as well as silicone and skin safe lubricants.

THE UNICORN Premium Sex Machine

 This Special Edition Premium Sex Machine features a horn-y twist on two fun fantasy attachments for penetrative and non-penetrative stimulation while retaining the same award-winning functions of The Cowgirl. 

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The Unicorn Sex Machine

This Limited Edition Premium sex machine is a new design on

our classic Cowgirl. Featuring 2 fun fantasy attachments,

saddle up for your next ride into euphoria with penetrative

and non-penetrative stimulation.


RPM of 

Ultra Powerful 



Swivel Rotation








Ways to Control


Assembly Required




The Unicorn Sex Machine

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine has all your favorite features of The Cowgirl: 1200 RPM of ultra powerful vibrations, 360 swivel rotation, a slip-resistant silicone base, and made entirely of premium, vegan leather. But this 5 piece set includes even more. 

Featuring a corded LED remote, detachable rainbow tail flogger, and an ethereal skies floor mat to help contain all the powerful vibrations from this supercharged sex machine. Plus, with 400 lbs of weight capacity, The Unicorn is your perfect adventure partner for solo or couple's rides.



Move your Unicorn with security and ease with reinforced saddle-side handles lined with comfortable, grippable texture.

Extra Long 

Power Cord

The Unicorn comes with an 8 foot power cord and multi-region adapters to ensure your ride never loses power no matter where you trot on the globe.

Extra Long Cord on The Unicorn Sex Machine
2 Interchangeable Attachments come with The Unicorn Sex Machine

Interchangeable ATTACHMENTS

Easy to change, body safe silicone attachments to add variety to your ride. Each attachment comes with internal rods for changeable intensities and unique textures. The Unicorn is compatible with all Cowgirl attachments.


New Textures

The Unicorn Special Edition set comes with two unique penetrative and non penetrative attachments that are specially textured for this mystical collection.

Rainbow Tail Flogger

Punish and please with pride. Sized to satisfy, this 19.5" fully detachable rainbow tail flogger is made from 100% vegan leather to ensure you live your kinkiest fantasy.


Clouds Mat

An easy-to-clean ethereal clouds mat will make your Unicorn feel like it's riding on air (without sacrificing your intense vibes). Liquid repellent and plush, the mat helps to absorb vibration, dampen sound, and provides a comfortable surface for playtime. 

Total mat size is 31.5” x 35.5”.



Gear up for solo or partner play wherever your partner might be! Use the LED remote for quick and easy settings adjustment, or use the app to play with your partner at a distance. 

Take full control of your power, rotation, and pattern at the touch of a dial.

Click to know more about The Cowgirl App (iOS & Android)

The Unicorn Sex Machine is also compatible with the Feel Connect 3.0 app for long-distance play. Click here to learn more

Control The Unicorn Sex Machine with the included Remote or through The Cowgirl App

Infinite Rides

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine brings countless ways to ride into your sexual adventures. Regardless of your sex or gender, the Unicorn's different attachments bring variety to your stimulation with g-spot and p-spot activation. Use the provided remote to fully control your Unicorn's speed and vibration, or pair with the Cowgirl App to give control to whoever you like with a distance of 30ft for the ultimate in partner pleasure play.


Gallop through rainbow magic on our brand new, special edition Unicorn Premium Sex Machine, a mystical twist on our classic design.


The Unicorn Sex Machine