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Ultimate Guide To G-spot Stimulation

  • 5 min read

Ultimate Guide To G-spot Stimulation - The Cowgirl Blog

Ahhh, the G-spot. The subject of many a ‘is it real?’ Google queries and how-to-find-it guides.

Hey, no shade if you have also done an internet investigation on this hot spot—inquiring minds deserve to know! And that’s exactly why we put together this ultimate guide on G-spot stimulation.

Read on for answers to all your G-spot questions, including: Is it real? Where can I find it? And how can I stimulate it with my hands or a toy?

What Is The G-Spot?

First things first: This supposedly elusive pleasure spot is real.

Known formally as the Grafenberg spot or Grafenberg area, after German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg, who ‘discovered’ the area in the 1950s, the G-spot specific quarter-sized spot two or three inches along the vaginal canal, against the same side of the body as the belly button.

Said to be anatomically analogous to the prostate, the G-spot has become so well-known because for some vagina-havers, it's an extra-sensitive, nerve-dense region that facilitates orgasms and/or squirting.

What is The G-Spot? Ultimate Guide To G-spot Stimulation - The Cowgirl Blog

Are G-Spot Orgasms Real?

Yes! Often described as more full-bodied than other kinds of orgasms, some people can reach orgasm from G-spot stimulation alone. Others can reach a climax when G-spot stimulation is layered with other kinds of stimulation, for example, G-spot and clitoral stimulation or G-spot and nipple stimulation.

The reason stimulating this firework factory can be so darn pleasurable is that it’s located within the larger clitoral complex. And clitoral stimulation has been shown to facilitate or improve orgasm in the majority of vagina-owners.

Can Everyone With A Vagina Have A G-Spot Orgasm?

Ehhh, probably not. There is no such thing as a universal pleasure zone. So, just as not every pleasure-seeker enjoys foot or ear stimulation and others don't, not everyone with a G-spot enjoys G-spot stimulation.

The G-spot is located close to the urethra (the hole where the pee exits the body), so for some people, stimulating it replicates the feeling of needing to wizz… and not in a good way.

If you don’t like having your G-spot stimulated, no harm, no foul! There are plenty of other erogenous zones that you can try stimulating. If you need some recommendations on where to begin, allow us to suggest nipple stimulation or some backdoor shenanigans.

How To Find The G-spot

In order to stimulate your G-spot, or your lovers, you’re going to have to locate it first. These tips can help.

  1. Start by getting good and turned on. When you’re aroused, blood rushes to your bits which makes the G-spot more encouraged and thus easier to find.
  2. Once you’re aroused, lube up one or two fingers and slide them inside the vaginal canal, curving them into a hook-like shape as you do. Missionary position and lifted missionary position work well here.
  3. Use the pad of your finger to feel around for a small, spongy patch. Sometimes the G-spot is a different texture than the rest of the vaginal canal, mimicking the ridges of a walnut shell or quarter. If your hand or finger mobility is limited, opt for a curved stainless steel wand like the Le Wand Bow instead.
  4. Once you find it, experiment using different pressures and rhymes. Some people experience the most pleasure from consistent pressure, while others prefer an up-and-down or circular motion against the spot.
  5. Continue stimulating the area as long as it continues to feel good. Maybe even add nipple, some anal fingering, or clitoral stimulation into the mix, too.

How To Make G-Spot Play As Pleasurable As Possible

1. Touch yourself.

Whether you’re going to explore G-spot stimulation on your own, or with a partner, a good first step is to become better acquainted with your body.

Sure, this solo sesh could include stimulation off the bat. But the goal here is simply to give you insights into what other types of stimulation turn you on.

Eventually, you can use this intel to prepare for G-spot stimulation. Or, to make the whole shebang more pleasurable. Plus, research also shows that people who masturbate are able to more-confidently able to communicate their desires better than those who do not regularly masturbate, so hopes are a little #selfcare time will also help improve your ability to direct your future lovers to your G-spot.

2. Ask yourself why you want to explore G-spot stimulation.

Before you begin your ~sexploration journey~, take some time to interrogate W-H-Y you’re interested in exploring G-spot stimulation—or why you’re interested in stimulating your partner’s G-spot.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I hoping to accomplish by stimulating this area of my body?
  • How will I feel if G-spot stimulation doesn’t ~do it~ for me or my partner?
  • How will I feel if stimulating this area brings me or my partner or orgasm? How will I feel if it doesn’t?
  • How will I feel if stimulating this causes me or my partner to squirt? How will I feel if it doesn’t?

Your answers to these questions will help you understand if your interest is rooted in a general curiosity in the human body. Or, if you’ve internalized the myth that vaginal orgasms and squirting are better than other kinds of releases.

If it’s the latter, take some time to read some sex-positive books or listen to sex education podcasts or YouTube channels.

Get In The Mood, Ultimate Guide To G-spot Stimulation - The Cowgirl Blog

3. Get in the mood.

Just as you shouldn't go cave diving before properly preparing, you shouldn’t go (ahem) cave diving before preparing. And that means getting properly aroused before incorporating penetration.

Not only will this make the G-spot stimulation itself feel better, but it will also make finding your G-spot easier. When you’re aroused, our erogenous zones fill with blood which makes them more engorged and therefore easier to locate. Win-win.

Not sure where to begin? Light some candles, yank down your black-out curtains and set up your pleasure palace. Then, pull out your go-to erotica novella or pull up your fave (paid) porn platform, before giving a little love to your (outside!) erogenous zones.

4. Try and find your G-spot.

Finally, time to use that step-by-step list to locate your (or your partner’s) G-spot. Yee-haw!

If you have long nails, you might consider putting cotton balls or play dough under your nail and sliding on a finger cot or latex glove. The vaginal canal tissue is delicate, so this precautionary step can help reduce the risk of microtears or irritation.

(This trick works double-time for people with latex or glove fetishes...just sayin’).

5. Go to town.

Once you’ve found it, explore like you’re a tourist in Pleasure Town!

Try different techniques, use a variety of pressures, stroke in a variety of directions, and play with speeds. Exploring will boost your chances of finding something that actually feels good (AKA that will take you to Orgasm Avenue).

How To Use A Sex Machine To Enhance G-Spot Stimulation

Your fingers are some of your best tools for G-spot stimulation, hands down (yes, pun intended). Thanks to all the nerve-endings in the tips of your fingers, you’ll be able to ~really feel~ when you’ve located the textured hot spot.

Sometimes, however, the fingers cannot provide the pressure, intensity, or consistency people need to experience G-spot pleasure. And that’s where vibrators like The Cowgirl Sex Machine and The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine come into play.

These rideable sex machines can be outfitted with an attachment called the Lone Ranger, which is designed for G-spot or prostate stimulation. Featuring a firm bulbous end, this attachment is designed to provide the consistent pressure this hot spot usually responds well to.

You can use the machine in the “off” position, meaning without vibration. Or, you can power the puppy up and enjoy the intense vibration against your body.