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Full-Body Orgasm - What it feels like and how to give one

  • 6 min read

Full Body Orgasm - What it feels like and how to give one | The Cowgirl Blog

Written by sex journalist and expert, Gabrielle Kassel, for The Cowgirl.

Wine and workouts can be full-bodied, sure. But orgasms? You betcha.

Behold: The Full-body orgasm.

Yes, they're as pleasurable as they sound.

Read on to learn what full-body orgasms are exactly. Plus, how to explore them—because trust, once you learn how good they feel you’ll want to.

What is a full-body orgasm?

As the name implies, “a full-body orgasm is an orgasm that can be felt throughout the entire body,” says Andy Duran, the education director for Good Vibrations.

Unlike clitoral or penile orgasms which are typically felt as genital-focused and fleeting whirls of pleasure, full-body orgasms are felt teeth-to-testes-to-toe or lips-to-lips-to-legs.

a female on a bed with her back arched, facing upwards and an inner glow emanating from her chest

What does a full-body orgasm feel like?

“Full-body orgasms are typically described as sheet clutching, back arching, toe-curling orgasms,” says Duran.

But every full-body orgasm-haver will wax a slightly different verse of poetica to answer this Q.

That’s because what the orgasm, feels like will vary based on things like:

  • Your hydration levels
  • You cardiovascular capacity
  • Your anatomy
  • Your current stress levels
  • Who (if anyone) is in bed with you
  • What medications you’re taking

One penis-owner for instance says, “My legs [get] so tingly and my entire body [aches] in a real good way. It [is] like I [am] in Nirvana. [...] My body [get’s] a humming feeling to it. It's hard to describe but it's got to be one of the best feelings EVER.”

a man checking himself out in a standing mirror with the "hand behind the head, elbow in the air" pose

While another says, “I actually start to feel a warm glow spread through my body and a tingling in my brain. [Full body orgasms are] like nothing I've ever experienced. The drawing of energy up the spine somehow [causes] a full body convulsion and suffuses me with warmth. All of my muscles spasm every few seconds for the next 5 minutes or so and I [can’t] stop laughing”

Meanwhile one vagina-owner describes them as a “whole body quake”. “It is intense, like I am having a mental/emotional/physical out of body experience,” she says.

What are the benefits of having a full-body orgasm?

a man holding a wand vibrator (in magenta color) pointing down at his groin

Sadly there’s dearth of science on the subject. (Let’s change that, shall we Scientists?).

But considering a full-body orgasm is basically orgasms-plus, clinical sexologist Megan Stubbs, Ed.Ds says the science-backed benefits of regular ‘ole orgasms apply here.

These include:

  • Reduced pain
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Boosted immunity
  • Improved self-image

Emotional, physical, and psychological benefits aside, the fact that full-body orgasms are good is reason enough to explore ‘em. As Dr. Stubbs puts it, “pleasure for pleasure’s sake is a worthy pursuit!”. *Claps*.

How to have a full-body orgasm

Good news, pleasure-seekers: No matter your relationship status or style, gender, genitals, or sexual orientation you can explore full-body orgasms. Here’s how.

Solo play

A partner is *not* a prerequisite for a full-body O. In fact, Duran recommends exploring full body orgasms on your own before bringing in a partner.

Set aside plenty of time

“Full body orgasms or a one to two hour excursion,” says Dr. Stubbs. “They are not something to try during your lunch break or right before your next Zoom call.”

If you need to reserve a chunk of time in your cal, do it. No shame in your Organize to Orgasm game.

Sex the mood

Sure, you coulddd full-body orgasm with your clothes strewn about and room stinking of mildew. But think about how much more pleasant it would be if your room felt like a sex sanctuary!

That’s why Dr. Stubbs recommends sexxing up your space before getting down. So, go ahead and clean your room, light a candle, lock your door, and boot up your fave sex playlist.


“Now is not a time for porn-breathing,” says Dr. Stubbs. The exaggerated huff-and-puff that accompanies most porn films makes hot background noise, but it’ll eff with a full-body O.

She explains: Shallow breaths interfere with oxygen flow in the body, which messes with your circulation and arousal response. Womp womp.

So instead of gasping for air, she recommends diaphragmatic breathing which involves inhaling through your nose, allowing your belly to expand as you do so while keeping your chest relatively still, then exhaling through your lips.

“This allows erotic energy to flow throughout your entire body,” she says.

Keep your clothes on to start

“You cannot jump from no stimulation to a full-body orgasm,” says Dr. Stubbs. So, start slow!


  • Tracing the seams of your clothes
  • Outlining your more sensitive bits
  • Using a vibrator on your non-erogenous zones
  • Pressing different segments of your hand with varying pressures along your skin

a woman riding the Cowgirl with her shirt on and no pants

Bring in a buzzy buddy (or two)

A sex toy—especially a hands-free sex toy—can come in clutch because it allows you to stimulate multiple regions at once.

According to Dr. Stubbs, “Prostate stimulation is known for creating an orgasmic sensation with full-body characteristics.” So, if you have a penis, we recommend inserting the b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 or the b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug into your bum to stimulate your prostate, hand-free.

And if you have a vulva, consider placing the Le Wand Point on the mattress and grinding against or inserting the Le Wand Bullet into your harness or panties for hands-free clitoral stimulation.

Explore edging

Edging is a technique that involves building right up the (er) edge of orgasm, then retreating. Over and over and over again.

“As you do this, you’ll notice new erotic sensations in places you may not have experience erotic sensation before,” says Dr. Stubbs. “For instance, maybe you’ll get sweaty elbows or tingling thighs or trembling knees.”

By the time you finally O it’s going to be all-caps INTENSE. It may even be full-body.

With a partner

a man and woman embracing facing each other both with an orgasmic facial expression and an aura

Repeat after us: Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Allocate enough time!

Just because there are another set (or two or three) of hands in the mix doesn’t mean you can speed right to the O-zone.

You’re still going to need at least an hour. And if it’s your first time exploring full-body orgasms with this partner (group of partners) double that.

Go slowwwww

If full-body orgasms had a motto, it’d be: Slow and steady wins the race.

“You want to spend time exploring parts of the body that get ignored during a typical sex session,” says Dr. Stubbs.

So, rather than bee-lining right to bits, spend some time exploring non-genital erogenous zones like the belly, bum cheeks, feet, neck, chest, ears, and pubic mound.

“In addition to using fingers on these places, you might use a feather, Wartenberg wheel, or tassel,” she says. Fun!

Pull out the pleasure products

The toys listed in the Solo Play section above are great for partnered play, too. In fact, you might combine multiple sex toys.

You might try wearing a butt plug and holding a vibrator against your perineum while your partner licks your nipples. Or, having your partner use anal beads in your bum and kiss your neck, while you hold a bullet vibrator against your bits.

MASTER: How to have a nipple orgasm

a woman holding a Le Wand Double Vibe and a Le Wand Bullet

Communicate clearly!

Full body orgasms require a delicate dance of getting close to orgasm...without allowing orgasm to take place.

So, communicating to your partner when you’re close so they can back away and continue building tension is a M-U-S-T.

Try to full-body orgasm at the same time

Yeppp, simultaneous full-body orgasms are a thing.

Will you get there the first time? Probs not. But, with lots of practice, patience, chit chat, and the help of a sex toy or two, it’s totally possible!

(If you’re looking for a sex toy, to help you get there together, there’s no better option than The Cowgirl. More on this below).

With The Cowgirl

If you’re not yet familiar, allow us to introduce you to The Cowgirl. An award-winning sex machine (yes, that’s a flex), The Cowgirl is an ottoman-shaped vibrator that can be ridden/used by solos, duos, and triads alike for internal and/or external stimulation.

And according to Duran, “The Cowgirl can definitely help you achieve a full-body orgasm.”

Dr. Stubbs agrees noting that because the machine is so intense, she recommends warming up off-machine. Then, dousing the machine in lube and ponying up when you’re ready to try a full-body finish.

“As you ride, try squeezing your nipples, tracing your abdomen, or kissing your partner to ramp-up overall arousal,” she says.

If it’s simultaneous full-body orgasm you’re after, we recommend having one person hop on The Cowgirl while another holds the remote. When the remote-holder is about to come, they can dial up the intensity to spur their riders O.

If one partner has a vulva and another has a penis, another option is to plop the Bronco Realistic Silicone Attachment on the machine for a little DP-action. Hot, right?

Didn't have a full-body orgasm?

Who cares! You got to learn more about your body. And any time spent learning about your body is time well-spent.

Plus, even if you didn’t orgasm full-bodied style, chances are you experienced some serious pleasure.

“You don’t have to call it quits because you tried it once and it didn’t work,” adds Dr. Stubbs. “Take what you learned and try again.”

Practice, as they say, makes for full-body orgasms.