The Cowgirl Guide to Ride

The Cowgirl Guide to Ride - How to use the Cowgirl Sex Machine

Hello, proud new owners of The Cowgirl or The Unicorn! Congratulations on your recent investment in your pleasure. This FAQ is your one-stop source for getting started with your sex machine.

What is a ride-on sex machine, exactly?

Ride-on sex machines are mechanical devices designed to be mounted, received, and grinded against for pleasure.

Also known as saddle machines, sex machines, fuck machines, rideable vibrators, or mega vibrators, these saddle-shaped devices are typically straddled, the way someone might straddle their partner during rider-on-top, cowgirl, cowboy, and reverse rider.

The Cowgirl and Unicorn Sex Machine can also be tilted onto their side and enjoyed from the missionary, spooning, or even doggy-style position.

What can I expect to feel?

The main purpose of ride-on sex machines is pleasure. By delivering 6,500 rpm of super rumbly, high-intensity vibration, The Cowgirl and Unicorn Sex Machine are able to transmit vibrations to your body that are even more intense than most wand vibrators, including the oh-so-powerful Le Wand.

The Cowgirl and Unicorn Sex Machine also have an optional rotation feature that allows the penetrative attachments to swivel around the base with low to high speeds to provide a more realistic experience.

If you choose to utilize this rotational feature, you can expect an experience somewhere between riding a mechanical bull and riding the best lay of your life. Yee-haw!

How do I set up the sex machine for my first ride?

Eager to get your machine from the box and into your bedroom? Sex educator Jessica Drake breaks down how to equip and clean your sex machine for your first ride in the below video.

Not a fan of videos? Here’s the short of it: Unpack the device and all of the accompanying plugs, controllers, and gear. Then, set it up exactly as described in the user manual (pages 2 to 4).

What attachment should I purchase and use?

choosing an attachment for your cowgirl sex machine

Your sex machine came with two attachments: The Wild West and The Rawhide. The Wild West is a basic penetrative attachment that’s best for anyone looking to explore pegging or penetrative play. The Rawhide attachment is a non-penetrative attachment made for anyone who enjoys bumping and grinding.

There are four additional attachments from the Cowgirl line you can invest in to enhance your experience: The Bareback, The Buckwild, The Lone Ranger, and The Bronco. You can learn about which one is right for you in our complete guide on The Cowgirl Attachments.

There are also 5 more magical attachments available from the Unicorn attachments collection, all of which are compatible with both the Cowgirl and Unicorn Premium Sex Machines

In this guide you’ll also find 4 tips on exactly how to use the attachment of your choice for the most pleasurable ride possible.

guide to the cowgirl sex machine app

How do I use the controller and/or app?

There are two ways to control the vibration and rotation settings of the machine: with the corded remote control, or through the Cowgirl Smartphone App.

To set up the controller, make sure the vibration and rotation settings are turned to the off position. Then, push the corded remote control plug into the correlating port on the machine.  (Don’t worry, there’s really only one place to put the plug into). As soon as it’s been connected, a red light will pop on the remote to confirm it’s ready for action. (If you’re a visual learner, take a peek at page 4 of the user manual).

When you’re ready to get moving and grooving, rotate the corresponding knob clockwise to increase intensity or rotational speed. To explore the different vibrational patterns, press the pattern bottom to cycle through the six different options.

If you want a partner to control the machine, another option is to download The Cowgirl Smartphone app. With simple touch buttons replacing the knobs of the remote, this wireless option grants you (and your partners) permission to move freely.

(You can also lock into place your preferred settings to avoid ruining an orgasm in case of an inadvertent touch of the screen)

How do I use The Cowgirl If I have a vulva?

It depends on whether you prefer external stimulation, vaginal stimulation, or anal stimulation.

If you enjoy external vulvar stimulation, secure a non-penetrative attachment to the device, lather your body and the attachment with a water (or oil) based lubricant, and ride the machine like a frat boy riding the mechanical pull at a local bar.

If you prefer internal stimulation, what attachment you use— as well as how you use it— will vary based on how deep you like being penetrated. For realistic stimulation, opt for The Bronco and if you’re looking for deeper, A-spot stimulation, the extra large Rio Grande Attachment is your go-to!

For shallow stimulation, use the Mystical Waterfall, Bareback, or Magic Hide attachments are perfect for shallow and non-penetrative stimulation. (If you have more questions about G-spot stimulation, check out this G-Spot Guide).

The Lone Ranger is also the best attachment for those interested in exploring the sensation of squirting. Sometimes known as ejaculation, squirting is the term for the release of fluid from the urethra of vagina-havers that can be pleasurable. (Have questions about squirting? This Squirting Guide will answer them).

Once you’ve picked which attachment you want to use, you’ll have to figure out how you want to position your body on the machine. Again, there’s no wrong way to orient your body on The Cowgirl. But these best sex machine positions might provide some inspo.

How do I use The Cowgirl if I enjoy anal?

With the promise of prostate orgasm, anal orgasm, and blended orgasm, it’s no surprise that people of all gender, sexual orientations, and sex are exploring the wonderful world of anal sex. But how do you use The Cowgirl to pleasure your posterior? Oh, let us count the ways…

If you have a prostate, the Lone Ranger will provide the most direct simulation, which is optimally curved for stimulating the nerve-dense erogenous zone. Pro tip: If you’re new to prostate play, start with a finger or small plug before graduating to the sex machine. More tips on prostate play here.

Ultimately, which you choose depends on your experience level. Advanced anal players might opt for the thicker Bronco attachment: The Bronco. Meanwhile, those new to anal play should stick to the Wild West or Uni Horn Attachment, which are a more manageable size for beginners.

Those who enjoy non-penetrative, perianal stimulation can also get a grinding stimulation from the Mystical Waterfall attachment.

You should also plan to use lube, start slow, communicate, and explore different positions. Click here for our best tips on anal sex.

How to use The Cowgirl to explore double penetration?

Looking for a way to have two times the fun? Try using the machine for double penetration.

Double penetration—often short-handed as DP— is any sex act that involves using two penetrative devices (toys, body parts, etc) on the same body at the same time.

While pairing your sex machine with a butt plug is a great option, The Buckwild and Two-Nicorn attachments are specially designed from DP play.

A great sex act for anyone who enjoys the sensation of being stuffed, double penetrative play is especially fun with a sex machine. Check out this double penetration guide to learn exactly how to explore DP with The Cowgirl.

remote controlling the cowgirl sex machine with a partner

How else can I use The Cowgirl with my partner(s)?

Before you can use The Cowgirl with your partner(s), you’ll need to introduce the idea of a sex toy first. After all, you should never introduce something new (let alone a sex machine!) to the bedroom without talking about it outside of the bedroom first.

Not sure how to bring up the idea? This couples vibrator guide offers 7 tips for introducing a couples vibrator to your relationship. Plus, a few examples of exactly how to bring the idea up.

As for how you use the sex machine with your lover(s) after they’ve enthusiastically agreed to it? Ultimately, that’s going to depend on the sensations you and your partner(s) enjoy.

You could use it with cold lube or warming lube to enjoy a little temperature play. Or, use it to explore your group sex or gang bang fantasies. Or, use it to explore your Kama Sutra fantasies. For 10 other suggestions for using The Cowgirl with your partner, check out this Cowgirl sex bucket list.

How can I use The Cowgirl during kink or sex parties?

Maybe you’re planning to host a sex party and want to allow guests to use the machine. Or maybe you’re attending a sex party where a sex machine will be present.

Regardless, you might have some questions—including general questions about sharing a sex machine, as well as more general questions about attending an orgy, kink, or group sex party. All your answers are in this orgy guide.

Interested in exploring your kinkier side but don’t have a sex party to attend? You can still explore your fantasies.

If you have a partner, consider trying one (or more) of these 10 kinky sex machine positions you can try on The Cowgirl.

Where should I store my sex machine when all is said and cum?

Hate to break it to you but your play doesn’t end when everyone is done fucking. It ends after you’ve cleaned, then put away, your sex machine. Learn exactly how to clean, store, and take care of your machine in this Cowgirl cleaning guide.