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Top 10 Ways to Expand Your Sex Bucket List with The Cowgirl

  • 5 min read
Top 10 Ways to Expand Your Sex Bucket List with The Cowgirl - The Cowgirl Blog

If you’re the proud owner of The Cowgirl, your sex bucket list can be way saucier than the predictable ‘Have sex in public’ and ‘Roleplay— this list proves it.

Grind it out

If you dumped humping and bumping back when you dumped your high school boo, you’re missing out. After all, your teenage self didn’t *just* love dry humping because it has a high plausible deniability quotient. It also feels damn good.

Well, The CowGirl has a genius solution for taking the high school act to graduate-level: The Cowgirl Rawhide. Made of silky, body-safe silicone, this non-penetrative attachment is designed to add a little flair to your external bits as you pony up.

The bottom portion of the attachment features nubs designed to add a pleasurable texture. Experiment with riding with and without your underwear, and pressing your bits against the little nubs at all different angles.

Head south

No doubt, butt plugs, and anal beads do an amazing job of stimulating all 4,000 (!) of the nerves in your back-end. But Fam, if you’ve got The Cowgirl and aren’t using it in your back hole, you’re missing out!

Both between 3 and 4 inches long and 3 to 4 inches in diameter, the Wild West Attachment, and Lone Ranger P-Spot Silicone Attachment are the best options for beginner and intermediate anal explorers. But, advanced anal sex havers may prefer the Bronco which is 4.5 inches long and nearly 5 inches in diameter at it’s widest tip.

Pro tip: Instead of going from zero to Cowgirl, warm your hungry hole up with a finger, booty plug, or string of anal beads.

Dabble in DP

Enjoy feeling full, stuffed, stretched, or internally crowded? Well, then we’ve got a bucket-list item for you: Double penetration

If you have a vagina, go ahead and invest in The Cowgirl Buckwild Double Penetration. Shaped similarly to The Wild West attachment (which comes with the product), this attachment is designed to fill both your front hole and back hole.

Fear not penis-owners, you too can dabble in double penetration. Hook on the Lone Ranger P-Spot Silicone Attachment and grab some water-based lube for some backdoor action. Then, fill your mouth. If you’re alone stick to using your own fingers. Or, position The Cowgirl beside a suction cup dildo.

If, however, you have at least one partner or consenting witness present, consider using a ball gag. Using a gag without a spotter-cum-sweetie nearby could result in suffocation. Yikes.

Put on a show

Put down the remote—this showtime doesn’t involve the tube.

The Cowgirl allows you to experience the joys of the rider-on-top position even if bae is away on business or you’re single. But, it also allows you to experience rider-on-top in front of your partner, so why not try it?

One, kinky option is to tie your partner to the bed so they can’t touch themselves while you fuck yourself.

Another option is to sit your partner at the edge of the bed and tell them to masturbate while you make yourself scream their name.

Touch your non-genital erogenous zones

No doubt, having your front and back holes filled with The CowGirl feels/is orgasmic. But don’t forget to give some love to your non-genital erogenous zones while you ride.

Some suggestions: Squeeze your chest tissue. Pop on a pair of nipple clamps to experience a nipple orgasm. Run a feather along your ribcage. Roll a Wartenburg wheel up and down your thighs. Suck your fingers. Lick your elbow crease. Flick your earlobes.

Make it icy

Sure, you might be used to describing a roll in the hay as hot. But cold? Well, that’s the idea with this tip.

Here’s how it works: Rather than using any ‘ole lube when you ride your Cowgirl, use frozen lube!

Pop your go-to water-based lube in the freezer for two or more hours to chill the slippery stuff. Take it out right when you’re about to go for a ride. Then, lather both the attachment and your genitals with the stuff and enjoy!

The contrast of the cold lube on your steaming body will fire-up your nerves and flood your bod with a whoosh of pleasure.

Heat things up

Cold not your thing? Maybe heat will be.

While heat-use should never (ever!) be used in place of lube, heat supports your body in becoming naturally lubricated. How? Well, heat draws blood flow to the genital tissues, which is part of the arousal response that tells the body to become lubricated. Sure, it’s a little bit of a chicken or the egg situation, if your natural lubrication levels are on the low side of things, you might try combining gentle heat with lube.

To try it, swap your usual lube with Wicked Toy Fever warming lube. Or, grab your go-to stainless steel wand, dunk it in a glass of warm water, then massage your bits before climbing aboard.

Hand over (the remote) control

The Cowgirl comes with a kick-ass corded remote. So, why not take advantage of it by allowing your partner to turn the dial while you ride?

You might even pop a blindfold (or tube sock) over your eyes so you can’t tell when your partner is reaching for the dial. After all, the greater the anticipation the greater the pleasure.

Let your partner control the vibration from the other room

In addition to controlling the machine from the remote, you also have the ability to control it from an app (iOS and Android) from up to 30 feet away.

Depending on the size of your home, that means your partner might be able to control the machine from the kitchen while cooking your dinner. Or, from the guest bedroom while they touch themselves thinking of you. Either way, pretty hot, right?

Bring in a third party

Imagine being filled in the front by The Cowgirl and being taken in the back by your boo… all while using your mouth or hands on a third. *Drool-face emoji*.

So long as all pleasure-seekers are on the same page, a threesome with The Cowgirl can allow you to experiment in fantasies of group sex and gangbangs. Plus, it feels pretty freaking amazing.

Before having the threesome be sure to communicate in detail about sexual health, ground rules, physical and emotional expectations, and set up an aftercare plan.

Oh, and be sure to discuss e-x-a-c-t-l-y how you plan to incorporate the machine. Who will be riding it? With what attachment(s)? Will you wash the attachment between riders? Will you sheath the shaft with a condom?

Not sure? Go ahead and take the time to read through this CowGirl Threesome Guide, then decide.