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Pleasure Unbound: The Cowgirl + b-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage and Education Set

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When it comes to sexual pleasure, oh the possibilities… And no other set combines nearly as many options as The Cowgirl and b-Vibe Anal Massage & Education Set bundle. Featuring bestsellers from b-Vibe, Le Wand, along with the premium, ultra-powerful Cowgirl sex machine, this dream assortment of pleasure tools provides endless ways to play for every body.

Pleasure Unbound: The Cowgirl + b-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage Set - The Cowgirl Blog

In this guide, we’ll break down why this is the ultimate collection for pleasure enthusiasts — but first, meet all of the must-have items found in the Cowgirl + b-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage Set:

The Cowgirl: Award-winning saddle-shaped sex machine, designed for intense stimulation to accommodate every sexual desire. This premium riding style sex machine offers over 6,500 RPM of ultra-powerful vibration, along with 360-swivel rotation. The Cowgirl can also be controlled remotely via the mobile app.

Snug Plug 2: Made from super-soft silicone, this beginner's butt plug conceals two weighted balls for a sensual sensation of fullness. The slender neck of the Snug Plug makes it comfortable to wear out in public or for extended wear. When you're done, the flared grip handle makes removal a breeze.

Le Wand Petite: Winner of the prestigious Women's Health FEMTECH Awards, Le Wand Petite is a versatile wand vibrator that's small in size but BIG on power. A smaller version of the iconic Le Wand Massager features 10 rumbly vibration speeds and 6 vibration patterns.

Le Wand Petite Curve Attachment: This body-safe silicone accessory attaches onto the Petite wand to become a hybrid sex toy for mind-blowing G-spot stimulation and prostate play. The vibration also helps the sphincter muscles to relax, which is the key to a comfortable, pleasurable anal penetration.

Classic Enema: Flush away your worries about getting down & dirty with this anal hygiene essential. This simple-to-use classic enema features a smooth, sleek nozzle and squeezable bulb for rinsing the backdoor before play.

Lubricant Applicator: Lube up without creating a mess with this applicator that dispenses your favorite lube exactly where you want it.

Nitrile Finger Gloves & Condoms:Play safe with nitrile finger gloves and condoms that can be used for anal fingering and anal massage.

Clean-Up Towel With Storage Pouch: Use the included clean-up towel for any unexpected messes that may arise or for post-play wiping down. Use the storage pouch for the safekeeping of your toys.

Guide to Anal Massage & Pleasure: To ensure you have the best experience, the included Guide to Anal Massage & Pleasure is a comprehensive, pleasure focused book with how-to guides to help users of all entry levels.

Giddy Up!

How to Get Ready for The Cowgirl

For those who are new to sex machines, the b-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage Set is an ideal collection for priming yourself for the mind-blowing stimulation of the sex machine. Packed with all of the essentials for all sexual occasions, the b-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage Set will set your inhibitions free so that you’re ready to indulge in your wildest fantasies as you channel the Wild West, riding atop The Cowgirl.

Vagina owners can start off with clit stimulation from the powerful Le Wand Petite massager, and or gentle fingering (safely, using the included nitrile finger gloves). You might even want to start off the experience with a bang and treat yourself to a G-spot massage in preparation for the blended stimulation from The Cowgirl’s Wild West insertable attachment.

The b-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage Set, as well as The Cowgirl sex machine, can also be used for out-of-this-world orgasmic pleasure for penis owners as well. The Le Wand Petite Curve attachment also can be used for an explosive prostate massage — plus the rumbling vibration of the wand is a tantalizing treat for the perineum prior to straddling The Cowgirl’s Rawhide textured silicone attachment for external bumping and grinding.

Of course, like b-Vibe says, “Everybody has a butt” — and for some people, a little backdoor play might be the perfect appetizer before the feast of pleasure that The Cowgirl offers. Additionally, you could make preparation fun by incorporating cleansing with the enema in your own solo self-care sensual pre-sex ritual.

Mix & Match for Maximum Pleasure

The Anal Massage Set is an all-in-one kit for every sexy situation. The 10-piece set contains accessories that can be mixed and matched for an unrivaled orgasmic experience.

Featuring a number of attachments and accessories to combine external and internal stimulation, this bundled set is made for you to experienced blended orgasms like never before. Let’s have a look at some of the fun that you can have by mixing and matching items in this set.

External Anal Massage

The Cowgirl + b-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage offers some exceptionally pleasurable tools for a satisfying external massage. Here are just a few suggestions…

Lube Applicator + Use Nitrile Finger Gloves:This is a classic beginner’s move. Always start your sensual play with lube. The applicator will help you to apply it effortlessly, without creating a mess. Place the nitrile finger gloves over your fingers and lube up around the anus and other genitals to include them in the action, working them all into a sensual massage.

Lube Applicator + Le Wand Petite Massager: After lubing up, the Le Wand Petite Massager can be used for a powerful, rumbly external anal massage. All bodies can enjoy the use of the wand for perineum stimulation.

Lube Applicator + The Cowgirl (+ Rawhide Attachment):Place the Rawhide attachment in place, and apply lube with the applicator. Instead of straddling The Cowgirl face down, straddle the premium sex machine as you’re facing up, directing all of the powerful stimulation to your bum.

Prostate Play

External prostate massage is just one of the many opportunities for sexual exploration that The Cowgirl + b-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage bundle offers. For thrilling prostate play, try these items from the set…

Lube Applicator + b-Vibe Snug Plug 2:Lube up using the applicator, and after a little warm-up (perhaps using a lubed up, gloved finger), insert the Snug Plug 2. The weighted anal toy creates a subtle motion — as you move — that hits the P-spot just right.

Lube Applicator + Le Wand Petite + Curve Attachment:Pairing the Curve attachment to the Le Wand Petite allows it to provide orgasmic P-spot stimulation, while the wand provides sensual vibrations.

Double the Play for All

With more than 10 items, The Cowgirl + b-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage bundle allows for an array of dual-stimulating pleasurable experiences.

For penis owners…Double up on your pleasure with The Cowgirl’s Rawhide attachment for perineum stimulation via its textured surfaced that will be intensified from the premium sex machine’s powerful vibrations. Simultaneously, enjoy a direct prostate massage from the Le Wand Petite + Curve attachment. Or, for a hands-free experience, insert the Snug Plug 2 for prostate massage as you ride The Cowgirl.

For vagina owners...The world of pleasure is your oyster! The Cowgirl is designed for the ultimate clit and G-spot stimulation with attachments for bumping and grinding against, as well as the Wild West attachment that blends your orgasm with its G-spot targeting insertable form. If that’s not enough for you, pair The Cowgirl with the Snug Plug 2 for a one-of-a-kind double-penetrative experience. Additionally, Le Wand Petite can help to direct extra vibrational stimulation to any other erogenous zone that is craving touch.

Explore BDSM

Explore the limits of your pleasure with The Cowgirl + b-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage bundle, which offers all the tools you need to try your hand at orgasm control and power exchange.

Practice orgasm control as you attempt to resist the powerful stimulation from either the Le Wand Petite wand massager or The Cowgirl. Edging or denying orgasm can be used for BDSM play as you use these tools to get your partner right to the point of orgasm and then stop … until you (the domm) says when it’s OK to release.

Additionally, you can use the Snug Plug 2 to enhance the sensation of a sensual spanking with delicious internal stimulation. The weighted plug will add a satisfyingly full feeling to your bum that will be enhanced by the exterior pleasurable sting of your spanking.

Cleaning & Hygiene

This Anal Massage bundle makes hygienic preparation for anal play easier than ever with an included Classic Enema that’s easy and comfortable to use. Rinse out your booty prior to play and embark on your journey to pleasure worry-free. This set also includes a convenient clean-up towel to pick up any pleasure-induced messes as you indulge in the wide range of stimulation available from this kit.

When you’re done playing, each reusable piece in this set can either be wiped down with antibacterial cleaner; and non-powered items washed with soap and water or an antibacterial wash for repeat use and endless orgasms.