The Cowgirl App

  The Cowgirl App

Complete Cordless Control

The Cowgirl App stocks the same capabilities as the corded remote controller - only this is completely wireless and grants you permission to freely move. With simple touch buttons replacing the knobs of the remote, you can also lock into place your preferred settings to avoid ruining an orgasm in case of an inadvertent touch of the screen. 

'Patterns' - Please with ease

We have included preset patterns that replicate different sexual experiences to allow unique journeys with every ride. The six in-built patterns are designed to enable you to simply select your choice, leave your phone to one side, and start your pleasure party. This way you focus on the only priority of the moment. There is also a convenient pause button that promptly puts all the action on hold and even a change button to quickly switch between built in patterns.


This app allows you to:

Independently control Rotation
Vibration Intensity from Levels 1 to 10
Choose from 6 Vibration Patterns with a touch or swipe
Lock control screen to avoid accidentally changing modes
Pause and Resume play


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FeelMe Compatibility means your partner can control your Cowgirl Sex Machine from anywhere in the world


Technology that fills the gap between connection and distance.

Sex-Tech Enhanced Long-Distance Play

Connect to a partner’s device or share the controls with a partner remotely. The Cowgirl’s long-distance remote connection feature takes intimacy beyond the screen in front of you.

With a revolutionary video chat platform, it is possible to intimately connect to anyone, anywhere.


Feel Me & FeelVR

FeelMe is a smartphone application that was created to inspire digital intimacy. This futuristic technology allows two people to interact in real-time using non-verbal touch.


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