Silicone Attachments

100% body-safe attachments for The Cowgirl Sex Machine ready to take you on every adventure of your wildest fantasies.

Pleasure Products

Take your ride up a stride with pleasure products to make your play on The Cowgirl Sex Machine a thoroughly fulfiling journey.


Enhance your play on The Cowgirl. Whether you're exploring bondage and BDSM or looking for something sexy to tease, we've got it all.

Sensual Care

Keep your attachments and toys in prime condition with our variety of toy cleaners as well as silicone and skin safe lubricants.

b-Vibe x Le Wand - Anal Massage & Education Set

We teamed up with our sister brands Le Wand & b-Vibe to create an epic sex kit for backside & frontside play. Hope you're ready for the Anal Massage & Education Set.

Featuring iconic toys to help you build your way up to The Cowgirl or have a legendary blended orgasm, we are so excited to present to you the absolute complete kit to change things up in the bedroom - no matter if solo, with a partner, or in a group!

Feeling indecisive? You won't be with the versatility of the set. Explore the wondrous world of anal play or enjoy the sensations you're used to, there's something for everybody and every body!


Check out our thorough guide on using this set with The Cowgirl Sex Machine - you're welcome.


Scroll down to see what’s included in our Anal Massage & Education Set.

b-vibe x Le Wand
Anal Massage & Education Set

The world’s most versatile pleasure set for anal & vaginal play

b-Vibe x Le Wand - Anal Massage & Education Set

Experiment & Get Hands-On

Be cheeky and slip in a finger or two with the body-safe anal condoms made for anal fingering or turn up the heat with some spanking. In any case, use the lube to be properly lathered and get in the mood.

Experience Next-Level Sensations

When you’re ready to go all-in, use the Le Wand Petite and Curve attachment together for an orgasmic euphoria like you’ve never had before! It targets the notoriously tricky regions like the P-spot (and G-spot) and delivers perineum tickling sensations.

Enhance Your Anal Play

If you're craving that feeling of fullness (that anal lovers yearn for) with a subtle stimulation that hits the spot, try the b-Vibe Snug Plug - the all-in-one sex toy that's ideal for Kegel exercising, prostate play, and anal training.

Education For Everyone

Not sure where to begin? To ensure you have the best experience, we’ve included our Guide to Anal Massage & Pleasure - a comprehensive, pleasure focused book with how-to guides to help users of all entry levels.