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The Magnificent 7 Sex Machine Positions for Solo & Couples Play

The Magnificent 7 Sex Machine Positions for Solo & Couples Play

Written by sex journalist and expert, Gabrielle Kassel, for The Cowgirl.

The Cowgirl is well known for giving the ultimate pleasure ride that you’ll wanna saddle up on again and again. But don’t let the mega-vibrator’s namesake trick you into thinking The Cowgirl is the only sex position it can be used for. These sex machines can also be enjoyed for solo, missionary, doggy style, DP, and much much more. Here are our top 10 sex machine positions for solo and couples play that you can try on The Cowgirl or Unicorn!

Sex Machine Positions for Solo Play

Tilted Missionary Sex Machine Position


If you lay on your back while getting off with your finger or a hand-held vibrator, this sex machine position is for you.

Start by affixing your sex machine with one of the non-penetrative attachments (Bareback, Rawhide, or Mystical Waterfall), then tilt the machine onto its side so the swath of vibrating silicone is perpendicular to the bed. Next, straddle the machine, scooching your cooch or gooch forward until it’s flush against the attachment.

Experiment with tilting your pelvis up in different directions until you hit your just-right spot. Ramp up the intensity of the vibration by hooking each hand on a corner and pulling the machine into your body.

Lucky Lay Sex Machine Position


Long story short: Sometimes you don’t want to have to support your body while you get yours. For a lazier masturbation option, lay belly-down on the machine.

Almost like reverse-missionary, this sex machine position entails straightening your legs out behind you and bringing your torso down towards the floor. We suggest positioning the machine on the bed for this to make it more comfortable. But, another option is to surround the machine with pillows and blankets to create a little sex nest. Experiment rocking your hips back and forth from your belly.

Depending on the attachment, different angles could increase how much G-spot, P-spot, or clitoral stimulation you receive.

Belly Bumper Sex Machine Position


The love-child of doggy-style and stomach rubbing; for this sex machine position, you’ll straddle the machine, then lean forward resting the weight of your body on your hands, forearms, or a stack of pillows. From here, you have the option to extend your legs back behind you or to splay your knees further to the side in a frog-like configuration.

This stomach-down option is great for vulva-owners who enjoy humping their partner(s) or grinding during sex, as well as those who enjoy the sensation of rubbing themselves against a thigh, pillow, or stuffed animal. Because you’re able to modulate exactly how much pressure your bits receive, it works for people who are more sensitive as well as those who need a lot of pressure to experience pleasure.

One way to spice up this sex machine position is to keep your skivvies on while you ride, using the material to your advantage. Here, silk works best. Another way to bring the heat if you’re using a non-penetrative attachment like the Magic Hide is to bop in a Snug Plug so that you can enjoy the rocking weight alongside external stimulation.

The Twofer Sex Machine Position


These sex machine positions are for vagina-havers who enjoy simultaneous front and back hole penetration or for those who like to be double penetrated in the rear. To try this, you’ll need the Buckwild two-prong attachment. This attachment features the dildo from our Wild West attachment paired with a six-bead string of anal beads. For a more magical twist on this attachment, try the Two-Nicorn.

Rather than starting on the machine, begin off to the side with your go-to anal pleasure products in hand like a Le Wand Swerve or b-Vibe Rimming Plug. Spend adequate time teasing your holes, then when you feel your anus start to pucker with desire, climb aboard!

Alternate between using your leg muscles to rise and fall an inch or two over and over again, and staying put letting the high-intensity vibrator work its magic.

Sex Machine Positions for Two (or more)

The Coital Conga Line Sex Machine Position


If you’re a penis owner who likes getting a full body sexploration with your ride, then try pairing your sex machine positions with a penis stimulating toy

To start, you’ll want to pick an attachment that really sharpshoots your P-spot. If you’re looking to fully work your whole hole, go with a textured attachment like the Uni-Horn that will massage the entire sphincter and fill your hole while massaging the prostate. For those looking for a no-nonsense targeting of your p-spot, we’d suggest the tried and true Lone Ranger attachment.

After saddling up on your sex machine, have your partner ride your penis from the front. This can be done with your partner facing you to penetrate them either anally or vaginally, or doggie style, facing away from you. Remember, the Cowgirl and Unicorn can hold up to 400lbs.

If you’re looking to enhance the experience, try equipping yourself with a vibrating penis ring to add stimulation for both partners. If you’re riding solo, but still looking for a similar experience, try using a masturbator.

Remember: For DP, slow and steady with plenty of lube should be your mantra.

Goo-Goo for Ballgag Sex Machine Position


The feeling of having all of your holes filled can be a really hot way to explore your more submissive side. It’s possible to achieve even if you only have one partner (or one partner present). How? By pairing your Sex Machine Positions with a ballgag or fabric like a satin tie—that’s any device that’s designed to be worn in the mouth to keep the wearer from speaking.

Have your partner fit a gag into your mouth, then slide yourself onto one of the penetrative attachments. When you’re ready, have them entering your ass from behind, to fill your last available hole.

It sounds obvious, but you won’t be able to verbally communicate with a ball gag in. Carly S. suggests establishing a non-verbal safeword system so you can communicate to your partner that you need to stop. “Tapping works well,” she says. “One tap on their thigh may mean slow down, while two taps mean stop entirely.”

The Gangbang Sex Machine Position


Love the idea of being filled, fucked, or fondled by two or more people at once? You’re not alone—more than half of the population does, according to research.

The Cowgirl and Unicorn can either help you fulfill this fantasy by standing in as a “third” with the help of the Bronco realistic attachment. You can feel the realistic shape of the Bronco inside of you as though it was you and your partner’s third guest. Or, it can be used during an actual thruple scene to elevate the experience. You might, for instance, straddle the machine while wearing a blindfold, while the other participations take turns controlling the dials, touching your chest, pushing you down on the machine, or filling your other holes.

Here, you’ll want to explain exactly what you’d like the scene to entail ahead of time. Consent and communication is key! If, for instance, you’re OK with anal penetration but aren’t OK with double vaginal penetration (DVP), make sure your scene-mates know that.