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Perineum Stimulation: How To Pleasure The Perineum

  • 5 min read
Perineum Stimulation: How to Pleasure the Taint

This article on perineum stimulation is written by sex journalist and expert, Gabrielle Kassel, for The Cowgirl.

By now you’ve probably heard of the P-spot— after all, prostate orgasms are all the rage. But there’s a second P-spot that you might be overlooking: The perineum. Here's everything you need to know about the overlooked erogenous zone and how to have a taint orgasm.

Where Is The Perineum?

Also known as the taint gooch, grundle, and gooch, “the perineum is the body part located between the whatever genitals you’ve got up front and the anus,” explains sexologist Carol Queen, Ph.D. A nerve-rich swatch of skin that’s usually one to two inches wide and thick, perineum stimulation can produce a tremendous amount of pleasure for people all across the gender spectrum.

Benefits Of Perineum Stimulation

The point of trying perineum stimulation is that it can feel really good. “Like the rest of the parts that make up the genitals, the perineum can respond well to stroking and other kinds of stimulation,” explains sex educator Searah Deysach. Some people can even achieve orgasm through perineum stimulation alone, she says. (Cue: The Body Is A Wonderland).

For people with prostates (that’s most AMAB people or people with penises) putting pressure on the perineum can indirectly stimulate the prostate. Anatomically, the prostate is located directly above the perineum, she explains. As such, external perineum stroking is a great way for people who are anal-shy to enjoy prostate stimulation.

But don’t read it wrong: you don’t have to have a prostate to enjoy prostate stimulation. While the clitoris and vaginal canal typically steal the show, “many vulva-owners enjoy having the bottom of their vulva as well their perineum stimulated,” says Deysach. Actually, there’s a famous oral sex method known as the Kivin Method that involves similtaneously tonguing the clit while pressing on the perineum with your thumb.

Getting Started With Perineum Stimulation

Whether you want to incorporate perineum stimulation into your solo, partnered, or multi-partnered sex life these tips can help.

1. Sexperiment

Just as different clits and penises respond differently to different kinds of touch, so do different taints. That’s why Dr. Queen recommends exploring how you or your partner respond to different types of strokes. “Some people respond best with consistent pressing, while other people prefer a rhythmic tapping,” she says. Meanwhile, other pleasure-seekers prefer swiping or stoking. 

As you try different styles of touch, ask your partner for feedback. Simple questions like “Do you like [demo] or [demo] better?” and “Did you like what I was doing before better than what I’m doing now?” work well.

Tongue The Taint

2. Tongue the taint

“There are lots of folks who find light licking of the taint to be especially lovely,” says Deysach. So the next time you’re tossing your partner’s salad, gnawing their cob, or circling their clit with your tongue, consider venturing to this often-ignored zone. Flicking and kissing can both feel ahh-mazing. 

3. Lean on lube

If you’ve ever received a dry handjob or played DJ on your clit without lube, you know how uncomfortable hand-stuff can be without adequate lubrication. Simply, it’s too much friction. That’s why Deysach recommends incorporating store-bought lube. “A nice lubed finger will feel slippery, teasing, and fantastic.” 

Use This: Coconut Love Oil lube!

Use Lube when pleasuring the taint

4. Play with pressure

“If your lover has a prostate, try putting pressure on the taint while performing oral sex or giving a hand job,” suggests Deysach. Doing so can indirectly stimulate the prostate, she says, and can even lead to prostate-orgasms for people with highly sensitive prostates. “You don't want to just jam your finger up in there,” she says. Instead, start with gentle pressure on and increase slowly while checking in with your partner.

Bop in a Butt Plug to pleasure the taint.

5. Bop in a butt plug

Deysach recommends combining taint and tush stimulation. “Some butt toys like prostate stimulators and butt plugs are designed to stimulate the prostate,” she explains. If you use one of these toys to stimulate the prostate internally, putting pressure on the perineum can provide a one-two punch on the prostate.

If you’re new to anal play, check out the b-Vibe snug plug 1 or the Beginner Buttstuff bundle. If you’re more experienced with ass play, you may prefer a larger heavier plug like the Silicone Vibrating Jewel Buttplug or the Intermediate Buttstuff bundle.

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6. Use a vibrator

Vibrators are a wonderful way to tease the taint. If you already own a vibrator, experiment with angling it against your taint in different directions, suggests Deysach. The goal here is to learn a little bit more about what kind of perineum play you enjoy.

If you like it, consider investing in a rabbit vibrator like the Le Wand Blend. Rabbit vibrators are typically used for dual clitoral and vaginal stimulation. “You can turn a rabbit vibrator into a duel taint and anal stimulator simply by turning it around,” she says. Rabbit vibrators with adjustable arms can also be used to stimulate your clit and taint at the same time.

If you have a prostate, another option is to get a two-pronged prostate massager like the Lelo Loki Wave or We-Vibe Vector. Both options move against your perineum and prostate at the exact same time. Hoorah!

Use a vibrator to pleasure the taint.

7. Better yet try a hands-free vibrator

“Vibrating cock rings and panty vibrators placed lower in your panties work really well for hands-free perineum stimulation,” according to Dr. Queen.

But if you enjoy high intensity vibration, you might opt for a rideable vibrator like The Cowgirl. To use this mega-vibrator for taint teasing, outfit your Cowgirl with a non-penetrative attachment. Then, lather water-based lubricant on your body and the machine and rock your body back and forth until the vibration hits you just so.

If you enjoy layering perineum stimulation on top of vaginal or anal penetration, elect a penetrative attachment instead. Then, position your body so that you’re able to get filled up and buzzed against at the exact same time.

8. Incorporate it into intercourse

Is anal or vaginal intercourse on the table? “Lube up your penis or strap-on dildo, then let the lubricated phallus slide up and down the perineum before entering the hole,” suggests Dr. Queen. Three cheers for anticipation!

9. Keep your strokes front to back

The perineum is close to the peach. That makes perineum play perfect for prepping the body for anal sex. But it also means you want to be careful about fecal particles.

To be clear: There is nothing inherently wrong or dirty about poop particles, says Deysach. However, if introduced to the vaginal canal, those particles can disrupt the vaginal pH and lead to infections like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and urinary tract infections.

“When stimulating the perineum of a vulva-owner, make sure to keep your strokes front-to-back, as opposed to back-to-front,” she suggests. This will help reduce your odds of introducing anal bacteria to their cooch.