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The Cowgirl vs. The Sybian

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The Cowgirl Sex Machine vs. The Sybian - The Cowgirl Blog

You deserve a round of applause. (Yes, you, Dear Reader!). Making the decision to purchase a sex machine is something very worth celebrating. After all, investing in a sex machine is also investing in your own pleasure!

However, once you decide to buy a sex machine you next need to figure out what sex machine. Arguably, The Cowgirl and The Sybian are the two most popular options. But which, between the two, is best?

Read on for a side-by-side comparison of the two most popular sex machines in the world, in 5 different categories.

The Cowgirl vs. The Sybian: How The Two Machines Compare.

1. Design

Listen, aesthetic preferences are a personal thing. But a quick eyeball at the two machines will make it obvious that The Cowgirl is the more luxe option.

Known as The Cadillac of sex machines, it should come as The Cowgirl is features a number of luxe design doo-dads that other sex machines on the market do not—the Sybian included.

The most notable luxury desire feature on The Cowgirl are the padded sides. Transparently, riding a sex machine can do a doozy on your thighs after just a few minutes (let alone a few hours!). The fact that The Cowgirl has built-in plush-padding where your thighs go helps reduce the risk of pain, which allows you to ride as long as you want. Marathon sex session? Nothing better!

The Cowgirl is also encased in high-quality vegan leather that is soft-to-touch. So, not only will your thigh muscles thank you, your thigh skin will thank you, too. Yum!

The Cowgirl Sex Machine vs. The Sybian - Built-In Plush Padding - The Cowgirl Blog

2. Rotation & Vibration RPMs

Sex machines aren’t for the weak the weak of heart hoo-ha or hinney. If you’re investing in a sex machine, it’s because you know that intensity is what get’s you off. After all, the bigger the toy, the bigger the motor. And the bigger the motor, the bigger the orgasm.

Both the Sybian and The Cowgirl are all-caps POWERFUL. But while The Sybian can vibrate up to 6,000 beats per minute, The Cowgirl can vibrate up to 6,500 beats per minute, making the choice for intensity seekers obvious.

The vibrational quality of the two machines is also slightly different. The Cowgirl machine has a slightly deeper vibration with a bit more “base”, than the competitor machines. That means if you’re someone who enjoys more rumbly vibrators (for instance: wand vibrators), The Cowgirl is your best bet.

3. Key Features

Long-distance lovers will be interested to know that The Cowgirl can also be controlled from the Cowgirl Smartphone App. This allows you (or your partner!) to control the machine remotely from anywhere in the world, even if the machine is thousands of miles away. (Related: Tips On How To Get Started Using The Cowgirl).

It’s also worth mentioning that The Cowgirl is also available in a fun iteration for those all the sparkle-feens and color-queens out there. Introducing: The Unicorn. A horn-y (ha!) special edition twist on the classic rideable design, The Unicorn allows you to ride the rainbow…literally. The Sybian simply can’t make that claim.

4. Ease of Use

Some pleasure products feature more buttons than a DJ mixer, making it feel like you need a goddamn degree in technological sciences to operate them well enough to enjoy their full potential. Bluntly, this is not ideal!

The good news for future sex machine owners is that both The Sybian and The Cowgirl are pretty ease to use. Both feature a control system with an easy-to-use on and off switch, as well as turn dials that control the vibration intensity and rotation capabilities.

The Cowgirl, however, is slightly easier to outfit with your chosen attachment than the Sybian. For The Cowgirl all you have to do is slide the attachment around the secure mound. The Sybian requires that you bop in a spring to the inside of the attachment first. (Related: Everything You Should Know About The Cowgirl Attachments).

5. Price

True, both machines are an investment in your pleasure. Typically, both machines ring up at somewhere between $1,200 and $1,750 depending on the time of year, and available promotion. However, sign up for the Cowgirl newsletter for a special welcome discount code to get $100 off!

As it goes, a sex machine *is* going to be more expensive than the vast majority of sex toys on the market. So let this be your reminder that your pleasure absolutely is something you should invest in. Far from a frivolous investment, pleasure is the thing that makes life worth living.

As pleasure activist Adrienne Maree Brown, author of Pleasure Activism writes, pleasure is the thing we need to experience our happiest, most ful-filled, and satisfied self. It’s the thing that untangles us from the negative impacts and delusions from systemic oppressions and supremacy. “Pleasure is the point,” she says. “Feeling good is not frivolous, it is freedom.”