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Santa's New Ride - A Christmas Erotic Story

  • 6 min read
Santa's New Ride - A Christmas Erotic Story by The Cowgirl


Santa was fuming. Twas the night before Christmas, but all through his house… creatures were doing more than just stirring. Vixen had a habit of running off to have too much fun right before work. But this time, she took Santa’s red-nosed power-lead, Rudolph, with her. He knew he shouldn’t have unlocked Rudy’s chastity cage, but he had a big job to do and Santa was worried the constriction might keep Rudolph from flying his best. But Rudy always had a horny problem, and it had nothing to do with his antlers. Santa needed a solution… and quick if he was to spread holiday joy in time for Christmas!

Mrs. Claus had seen Kris like this before. When they were still dating in college at North Pole Tech, he’d get all rambunctious during his Toy Making 101 finals. But Mrs. Claus always knew how to calm him down… using some toys of her own. When she’d get him alone in their dorm room, The Mrs. (or The Miss, as she was then) took Claus to her own Toy Land. In her more hip days, she used to wear a metal chain flogger necklace as a fashion statement around campus. But Kris knew what it was really for. When The Miss gave him her sensual yet demanding glance, Santa would lower his trousers just under his other rosy cheeks and mutter a, “please Miss”.

“I don’t think I can hear you, Kris!” she said sternly and the metal flogger wrapped his ass cheeks with a metal lashing sound.

“Please, Miss” Santa shouted loud enough that the suitemates surely heard.

Miss Claus pulled out a pair of beaded handcuffs and forced Santa’s hands behind him, chaining them together, before lashing his round ass once more so hard that he shook like a bowl full of jelly and caused him to stand erect. The Miss removed her ugly sweater to reveal a nipple clamp running between both of her supple tits. But tonight, The Miss wanted Santa to feel just as good as she did. As she pushed him backwards onto his bed, his pants fell all the way to the ground, revealing his erect member at full mast. The Miss wasted no time in sitting on him Cowgirl style and removed one of her nipple clamps.

“Who’s my pretty, pearly boy?” she said demeaningly as she clipped one end of the pearled clamp to Santa’s pink titty tip. He “ho ho”-ed with pleasure as she began riding his member up and down. Each time she rode up on Santa’s throbbing cock, the nipple clamp pulled between the two of them, giving them each a twitch of pleasure. But with each bounce, The Miss was unable to fully engulf Kris’ cock in her deep, wet, pussy. Something magical was happening…

It is a little-known fact that, when given enough joy, Mrs. Claus is able to float, a magical property she was born with and that was usually kept under control with her heavy wooden shoes. But this was a joy unlike any The Miss had experienced before, and under the circumstances, her wooden shoes were long since discarded next to the bed. The combination of Santa’s rock-hard shaft and the spasms of nipplegasms she was experiencing was beginning to send her over the edge. She began to have a full-body orgasm. As her body was being wracked with pleasure, she was overcome with joy floating slowly up Santa’s penis to just the head as the nipple clamp between them chained Santa to The Miss’s bulbous breasts as she literally hit the ceiling. The feeling of the Miss’s warm meat cave and the extreme tugging of the nipple clamp was too much for Santa, and as he fell out of her. The chain connecting the lovers' nipples kept him hanging from her floating figure and slowly rotating, as he sprayed cum all over the room like a ceiling fan attached to a squirt gun of cream.

Mrs. Claus snapped out of it. This was no time for daydreaming of her dormitory romps. It was CHRISTMAS EVE! And Santa needed to fly… but how. Then, she had a spark of genius. She ran up to Santa with the good news as he sprang from his seat to see what was the matter.

“We can fly tonight, Kris!” Mrs. Claus told him excitedly. “And I know just how we’re going to do it.”

It had been a while since Mrs. Claus had gone to the “toy room”. With the holiday season in full swing, the Claus's had other types of toys as their priority, and this trip to their pleasure trove left Santa puzzled. “Ho ho ho, what are we doing here, dear?” Santa asked as he curiously followed after his wife.

“Getting your new midnight ride,” she said as she laid her finger aside from her nose and gave a nod. Just then, a leather trunk burst from the closet of the room and magically slid to Santa’s feet, unlatching itself with a click. Santa popped open the trunk and what to his wondering eyes should appear, but a Premium Sex Machine just the size of a reindeer.

The Cowgirl?” Mr. Kringle said with hesitant excitement in his voice. He’d played with Mrs. Claus on this before and just the thought of it was making him pitch a red velvet tent with his best Christmas trousers.

“This is the only thing that can surely give me enough joy to get your sleigh off the ground tonight with you at the helm,” she said as he was looking down, still inspecting the toy, as well as his own erection. As, just then, Mrs. Claus grabbed his gradually erecting cock to say “Santa, let me guide your sleigh tonight.”

The sleigh was in place. Santa was suited up and ready to go with a giant sack of toys to bring holiday cheer to the world with 7 of his faithful reindeer leading his sleigh and Mrs. Claus mounted on the Cowgirl at the front atop the bareback. Mrs. Claus knew she needed a full body orgasm for enough joy to keep everyone air-bound, and this required a gradual build-up.

“Fire me up, Mr. Claus!” she yelled back at Santa who was fiddling with his smartphone. He quickly pulled up the CG app and made sure Mrs. Claus was well within the 30-foot Bluetooth range.

“Ready to go, Hunny Buns” he said as he started up the app, slowly controlling the rotation and vibration speed to get Mrs. Claus turned on with outercourse pleasure. The non-penetrative attachment grinded on her clit and vaginal lips, moving back and forth as she began to moan with pleasure. The cold winter wind brushed her thin blouse across her rock-hard nipples, adding a mild caress as her body began trembling with sensations. Just then, the Cowgirl began to lift from the new-fallen snow.

“MOAR!” She demanded back at Santa, as he used both of his thumbs to increase the vibration and rotation of the silky smooth attachment. With the pull of Mrs. Claus’s excitement, the sleigh was able to lift from the ground and began propelling itself forward with Mrs. Claus rocking back and forth on the machine to give herself more pleasure. She knew, however, that she needed more than a grind to reach full body orgasm, as she unbuttoned her blouse and threw back her arms. The blouse blew off her chest and flew backwards, getting tangled in Prancer’s antlers behind her, but leaving her entirely shirtless with her breasts exposed to the blowing snow.

The snowflakes brushed across her supple nipples with a cold tinge, as though each a tiny ice cube caressing itself down her plump papillae. The sensation alone was rocking her body with pleasure, but if she wanted to keep this sleigh propelled from Portugal to Papua New Guinea, she needed penetration, and she needed it now.

She yelled back at Santa with a demand. “Kris! I need your cock, right now!”

“But I need to drive the sleigh, dear!” he told her in a defeated and embarrassed tone.

“Kris, if you don’t fuck me right now, we’ll both be fucked when we crash land in Finland, give me a cock, now!”

Santa knew just what to do. He spun around, so lively and quick, reached in his sack of toys, and pulled out a bronco. With its perfectly curved head and textured veiny shaft, it was the most realistic attachment in Santa’s arsenal. Having built and tested many a boomerang in his toy crafting career, he slung the attachment with just the right velocity and angle that it flew outwards from his sleigh, curving wide around the troupe of reindeer, and landing squarely in Mrs. Claus’s hands.

Quickly switching positions to a reverse rider, Mrs. Claus easily popped off her Bareback attachment and replaced it with the Bronco. As she slid the veiny, throbbing cock into her vagina, she began feeling immediate pleasure. The tip of the bronco began throbbing on her g-spot and she was reciprocating the pleasure with loud moans back to Santa.

Santa knew his cue, using both of his thumbs, he increased the rotational pattern of the shaft inside his wife to 6500 RPMs. Her pleasure couldn’t be contained any further as she could no longer contain her vaginal fluids. The height of her orgasm was sending the sleigh into hyperdrive as her squirting rained backwards all over Santa’s face. A scent he had longed for since their university days.

“Ho ho ho!” he exclaimed as they drove out of sight.

“Now cum away, cum away, cum away all!”