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Essential Sex Toys For Your Nightstand

  • 4 min read
Essential Sex Toys For Your Nightstand - The Cowgirl Blog

You might toss things into your junk drawer willy-nilly. But a sex toy drawer is not a junk drawer!

Ideally, your nightstand drawer will feature a curated collection of pleasure products you know will bring your (err) junk and other erogenous zones pleasure.

Ready to give your collection a makeover? Read on for a guide on the best sex toys for your nightstand. Trust, the 6 sex toys below deserve a place in your nightstand and your sex life.

Essential Sex Toys For Your Nightstand - Bullet Vibrator - The Cowgirl Blog

Bullet Vibrator

Bedside drawer currently as empty as my uterus (🙃)? Fill it with a bullet vibrator. A great beginner vibrator, these deceptively powerful toys are usually the size of lipstick tube, making them less intimidating than some of the other toys on this sex toy nightstand list.

Most bullet vibrators are not anal safe because they don’t have a flared base. But they can be used for nipple play or to please nearly any other body part, including clits, cocks, and taints (AKA the perineum). Most strap-on harnesses also have a pocket for a bullet vibrator, so that the wearer can enjoy vibration during pegging or strap-on play.

Toy recommendation: Le Wand Bullet - This small but mighty vibrator brings big power. But the best part is the fact that it’s easy to use. All you have to do to cycle through the four vibration intensities is press its single butt button.

Essential Sex Toys For Your Nightstand - Wand Vibrator - The Cowgirl Blog

Wand Vibrator

Wand vibrators are microphone-shaped vibrators with big bulbous heads that are designed to stimulate your its and bits. Sometimes marketed as body massagers, these tools have larger motors compared to most other pleasure products, and therefore are able to provide more intense stimulation than the other toys in your drawer. Big motor = big sensation..

The most versatile sex toy, wand vibrators can be used over or under clothes, above or below the waist, and on literally any erogenous zone. What’s more is that the long handle allows you to seamlessly use this toy on your partner’s body during partnered-play.

Toy recommendation: Le Wand Wand - The most luxe massager on the market, the Le Wand Wand offers 20 settings of powerful, penetrating pleasure.

Available in a variety of colors and patterns, this wand is suitable for sex-havers of all preferences.

Essential Sex Toys For Your Nightstand - Stainless Steel Wand - The Cowgirl Blog

Stainless Steel Wand

The next stop on the nightstand sex toy train is stainless steel wands. Crafted out of medical grade stainless steel, stainless steel wands are heavier than any other sex toy. This heft allows them to excel at providing pressure against internal hot-spots. (G-spot and P-spot orgasm, anyone?).

A non-vibrating option, stainless steel wands are also a wonderful alternative for those who find vibrators over-stimulating or annoying. As well as those who enjoy temperature play. (Pro tip: Plop your stainless steel wand in the freezer 30 minutes before play for a more ~dynamic~ sexual experience).

Toy recommendation: Le Wand Bow - A c-shaped toy, the Bow features two bulbous ends, each sporting a different-sized bulb. Experiment with both ends to learn what girth you enjoy best.

Essential Sex Toys For Your Nightstand - Butt Plug - The Cowgirl Blog

Butt Plug

Cue up Destiny’s Child because this essential is bootylicious. From butt plugs to anal beads, dildos to prostate massagers, there’s a plethora of pleasure products designed to stimulate your nerve-rich rear. But butt plugs are a non-negotiable item for nightstand collection.

Why? Put simply because butt plugs really are the gateway drug to anal play. Small, non-obtrusive, and easy(ish) to insert, butt plugs are a beginner-friendly way to explore the pleasure potential of the peach.

Another perk on patootie plugs is that they are accessible to lovers all across the gender spectrum. As the saying goes, everybody has a butt!

Toy recommendation: The b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads - Made of 100-percent body-safe silicone, this anal-safe cutie is your ticket to Anal Land. Simply lather the toy and hole with a water-based lubricant, then use your breath to help slide this sucker in.

Essential Sex Toys For Your Nightstand - Vibrating Butt Plug - The Cowgirl Blog

Vibrating Butt Plug

Already have a non-vibrating booty plug in your bedside drawer? Kudos! Now it’s time to update your collection with a vibrating version. Designed to stimulate your anus and your surrounding hot spots with reverberating vibration, vibrating booty plugs take things up a notch—maybe even two notches.

Vibrating butt plugs are also a good option for people who want to enjoy anal play, but have a hard time relaxing enough for pleasurable insertion. For some, vibration is a useful tool for coaxing the anal sphincter muscles enough that penetration becomes possible. If it surprises you to read that, consider the fact that many people use vibration therapy on necks, traps, and backs to ease muscle tension. So why not their cracks 😈?

Toy recommendation: The b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug - This sleek silicone plug comes in five different girths, making it an option for people of all experience levels. The smallest size, the Vibrating Snug Plug 1, is about as thick as two fingers. And the largest size, the Vibrating Snug Plug 5, is the size of a fist. All sizes offer 4 different vibration intensities and 6 different vibration patterns, which you can cycle between with the help of the included remote control.

Essential Sex Toys For Your Nightstand - The Unicorn Sex Machine - The Cowgirl Blog

Sex Machine

For the closing act, allow us to introduce you to a sex toy that belongs on your sex toy essentials list, but won’t be able to fit into your nightstand. (Unless, your nightstand is actually a dresser…).

Designed to offer powerful, hands-free stimulation, sex machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some look like the lovechild of telescopes and a dildo, others look like leather living room ottomans fused with vibrators. The former is best if you enjoy being absolutely pounded, while the latter is better for people who enjoy sweet, sweet love making or vibration.

Toy recommendation: The Unicorn - Made by The Cowgirl (that’s us!), The Unicorn is the most swoon-worthy sex machine on the market. This toy is designed to be straddled the way you’d ride, well, a unicorn and ridden off into the sunset (read: multiple orgasms).

The best part? Because of its size and effectiveness, you’ll never forget about this baby alongside the other buzzy buddies in your nightstand.