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Get the The Unicorn for $1200 with free Gifts!

Our Readers' Sex Questions, Answered

  • 7 min read

Written by sex journalist and expert,Gabrielle Kassel, for The Cowgirl.

Pull up a chair, Pleasure-seekers, because today we’re taking some time to answer the 9 questions we get the most from those current and future The Cowgirl users.

Read on for the Q&A you’ve been waiting for.

Our Readers' Sex Questions, Answered - What are the best positions to have a squirting orgasm on a sex machine? - The Cowgirl Blog

1. What are the best positions to have a squirting orgasm on a sex machine?

Let's start by defining squirting. Squirting, the term colloquially used to describe the expulsion of fluid from a vulva-owner urethra in response to pleasure and/or pressure. Far less voluminous than what is labeled as squirting in porn, in real life squirting can release anywhere from a dribble to a drizzle to a drop of liquid.

Scientifically, there is still some question about whether or not all vulva-owners can squirt. But not all those who can squirt, squirt from the exact same stimulation. Some squirt from external clitoral stimulation, some for G-zone stimulation, and some from a combination, for example. That means there's no one-size-fits-all recommendation for getting wet-and-wild.

If you’re interested in exploring whether or not your body currently has the capacity to squirt, start by leaning into your relaxation practice. Why? To help reduce any pressure you might be feeling to squirt. (After all, pressure is the biggest cock, coochie, and squirt block of all time.

Next, start by exploring the sensations you already know get you going! If you enjoy clitoral stimulation, for example, you might bop the Bareback onto your machine and bump your love-nub back-and-for against the silicone bulb. Or, you might invite your partner to tease you with their tongue.

Once you’re thoroughly aroused—visually, your vulva should look puffy and clitoris plump—you can either keep doing what you’re doing or add in G-zone stimulation. The G-zone, sometimes known as the G-spot, is a texture patch of nerve-dense erogenous tissue along about two inches into the vagina canal up towards your belly button.

Typically, the G-zone responds well to consistent pressure, which is something like the stainless steel Le Wand Bow or The Cowgirl Lone Ranger which combines G-zone stimulation with vibration. So, if you're interested in exploring whether or not you can squirt with The Cowgirl

Read this Squirting 101 Guide for a more in-depth look at how to squirt.

Our Readers' Sex Questions, Answered - What is the most effective way to clean The Cowgirl Sex Machine and the attachments? - The Cowgirl Blog

2. What is the most effective way to clean The Cowgirl Sex Machine and the attachments?

Pat yourself on the back—being committed to keeping your sex toys clean is a fabulous way to protect you and your partner(s) from unwanted infections and STIs.

The good news? Cleaning The Cowgirl is pretty darn easy. To clean the attachments, which are made of body-safe silicone, all you need is warm water and a fragrance-free soap. Or, a pre-made sex toy cleaner like Le Wand Intimate Organic Toy Cleaner. When you’re done just be sure to dry it to reduce the risk of mold. K?

To clean the base, which is made of 100-percent vegan leather, stick with a warm washcloth. Again, just be sure to wipe it dry when you’re done.

3. Is there anything that I can use to protect the leather?

The vegan leather that covers the base is pretty darn sturdy! That said, it’s best to avoid using harsh chemicals (read: cleaning products) on it. So while you might be inclined to wipe the machine down with rubbing alcohol or cleaning wipes, it’s better for the machine if you stick with warm water.

Our Readers' Sex Questions, Answered - Where should I store The Cowgirl? - The Cowgirl Blog

4. Help! My family/ in-laws are coming over for the holidays! Where should I store The Cowgirl while they're here?

First, let’s just take a moment to affirm for you that owning sex toys is normal, healthy, and common and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Of course, if you would rather not have your family members come eye-to-eye with your pleasure products that’s totally fair. In order to avoid that fate, the best place to store The Cowgirl will vary based on what parts of your home your family members will have access to.

But generally speaking, these are the best places to store The Cowgirl for discretion:

  • Under the bedroom
  • Bathroom or bedroom closet
  • Car trunk
  • Garage or basement

If your family members do stumble across the machine, try out one of the below lines:

  • It’s exactly what you think it is: A sex machine!
  • Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to.
  • It’s a long-distance sex toy [X] got me for the holidays.

5. How do I (safely) throw a Cowgirl sex party?

Fun, freaky, fantastical. Throwing a Cowgirl sex party should be all of these things and more!

But if you’re hosting a Cowgirl sex party, your fears around sex toy sharing could get in the way. But really, having a safe(r) The Cowgirl sex party is easier than it sounds. After all, if you know how to clean the machine before and after you use it, you know how to clean it before and after one of your friends or FWBs use it.

As a refresher, to clean the Cowgirl all you need to do is wipe the base down with a (clean) warm washcloth and the attachments with warm water and body-friendly soap or a sex toy cleaner.

So how do you make sure people are actually cleaning the machine and after use? To be blunt: If these party-goers are old and mature enough to attend a sex party, they’re oil and mature enough to clean their sex toys and use and dispose of safer sex without you holding their hand!

That said, one option is to hire a machine monitor. It’s common for parties with more than three dozen people to have a sex toy monitor present who can handle the line, as well as cleaning practices.

Another option is to create a clean-up station with cleaning supplies and a step-by-step guide on how to clean the machine before and after use.

As a host, it’s also a good move to have a basket of external condoms, dental dams and latex underwear, and water-based lubricant nearby.

Have more questions about how to use a Cowgirl at an orgy? This guide can help.

Our Readers' Sex Questions, Answered - Will I become addicted to The Cowgirl? - The Cowgirl Blog

6. Will I become addicted to The Cowgirl?

Big nope. It is not possible to become addicted to The Cowgirl, nor is it possible to become addicted to any other sex toy or vibrator.

And the idea that sex toys can be addictive is rooted in sex-negativity and misogyny. Basically, these myths have been created to control women’s bodies and where, how, and how often they receive pleasure.

The truth is that vibrators, like The Cowgirl, were designed to provide pleasurable stimulation. And more specifically: stimulation at speeds, intensities, durations, pressures, and angles that the human body anatomically is not capable of providing.

Does it make sense that if something feels good you might want to experience it again and again? Of course. However, that does not mean that you can become reliant on The Cowgirl to reach orgasm. This machine, nor any other vibrator, cannot physically alter your arousal response, your nerve-endings, or genital blood flow.

The one caveat: If using The Cowgirl (or any other sex toy) is beginning to actively interfere with your life—causing you to miss work, forgo personal hygiene practices, or neglect parenting or partner responsibilities—it’s time to seek out the care of a sex-positive mental healthcare provider. These things suggest that you’re using The Cowgirl not just as a cumming mechanism, but a coping mechanism.

7. Could The Cowgirl make me hate 'average' solo or partnered sex?

No, no, no, no, and no.

The idea that a sex toy can replace or “out-shine” sex without sex toys is another bogus myth perpetuated in order to control peoples' (mainly women’s) sexuality, and protect men’s ego. Sigh.

And also: The idea that ‘average’ or ‘normal’ sex is the kind without sex toys is an incredibly limiting, ableist, cis-het centric understanding of human sexuality. Plus, it’s downright false!

If you enjoy a sex toy and using it during solo or partnered play is going to increase your overall pleasure, breathe easy knowing that you can incorporate it into your play without ruining other sex for yourself.

Also worth mentioning: While a sex machine *can* move faster, longer, harder, and more intensely than any human can, it cannot greet you at the door and ask how your day went. Just sayin.

8. What makes The Cowgirl unique from other sex machines like the Sybian and Motorbunny?

What sets The Cowgirl apart from other rideable sex machines is the quality. A luxurious iteration of the mega-vibe, The Cowgirl sports comfort-enhancing features like thigh padding, a vegan leather base, and silicone bumpers that keep the toy from slipping and sliding while you rock and roll your hips.

The Cowgirl also has six different (high-quality!) silicone attachments that allow you to customize your experience.

If you’re looking for external stimulation only, for example, you can opt for the Rawhide or the Bareback. While if you prefer internal stimulation, you can use the Lone Ranger for G-zone or P-spot stimulation, the Wild West or Bronco to recreate penetration with a penis or dildo or the Buckwild for double-penetration.

Oh, and The Cowgirl also comes with four different adapters which means you can use schlep world-travel with you wherever you go. Talk about being Gl-O-bal…

Our Readers' Sex Questions, Answered - How can I spice up my long-distance relationship using The Cowgirl? - The Cowgirl Blog

9. How can I spice up my long-distance relationship using The Cowgirl?

One of the neatest features of The Cowgirl is the fact that it can be hooked up to an app (The Cowgirl Smartphone app), which allows you or your boo to control the machine whenever, wherever.

With simple touch buttons replacing the knobs of the remote, this wireless option invites you and your long-distance boo to play. Yee-haw!

Our suggestion? Keep the stakes nice and low the first few times you use the app and machine together. Approach the duo from a place of fun and open communication as you take time to learn how to use the app and what the intensities and settings feel like.

After you’ve climbed the learning curve, the world is your smutty oyster….