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The Cowgirl Cone Reviewed On POPSUGAR

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Popsugar review on The Cowgirl Cone

Cones Are the New Sexcessory You May Want in Your Nightstand

By Gabrielle Kassel

On the hunt for a new dimension of pleasure? Gabrielle Kassel talks to Popsugar on why The Cowgirl Cone is the newest innovation you should have in your nightstand!

Whether it's your first time hearing about this type of sex toy or not, you likely have questions about what a sex cone looks like and how to use it. Ahead, here's everything to know about cones featuring insight from four sex educators. Plus, a round-up of the best cones for sex that you can shop right from home.

What Is a Cone?

As far as the sex toy market is concerned, a cone is simply a cone-shaped device designed with pleasure in mind. With a super sturdy, wide base, cones can be set statically onto the bed, floor, or other surface, and then mounted, explains sex educator Alicia Sinclair, the founder of premium sex machine company The Cowgirl.

The unique girth of these sex toys generally makes them a more optimal choice for so-called "size queens" and "size kings," says sex and relationship psychotherapist Gigi Engle, an expert at LGBTQ+ dating app Taimi.

How to Use a Cone, According to Experts

Given how many different ways there are to use this kind of toy, as you play with your cone, remember that there is no "right" way to do it. Instead, allow yourself to use the cone in whatever ways feel pleasurable to you, Engle suggests.

Madsen recommends mounting the cone by getting on your knees and hovering over it. To do this, simply place the cone on a stable surface like the floor or firm mattress. When you're ready, position the tip of a sex toy cone above your opening and slowly slide down. As you plant yourself further and further down the length, the cone will provide a larger and larger stretch," she says. "Take the stretch at a pace that feels comfortable and remember that you don't have to go all the way down."

Once you're finished, don't forget to clean your cone with toy cleaner and warm water. If the weight and shape of your cone make it cumbersome to carry to the sink or shower, or it doesn't fit in your sink, you could use a sex toy cleaner wipe instead.

The Cowgirl Cone is a cone-shaped, portable sex-machine. While the machine is dense enough to be ridden and mounted by people of any shape or size, the toy is also lightweight enough to transport in a backpack.

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