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Get the The Unicorn for $1200 with free Gifts!

JC Adams Features The Unicorn Sex Machine Attachments On XBIZ

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JC Adams Features The Unicorn Sex Machine Attachments On XBIZ

JC Adams took our Unicorn Attachments for a test flight for their article on XBIZ.

COTR Debuts 5 New Attachments for 'The Unicorn' Sex Machine

COTR has debuted five "magical silicone attachments" for The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine called Jackalope, Magic Hide, Mystical Waterfall, Two-Nicorn, and Uni Horn.

The attachments are also compatible with the Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine.

"Featuring eye-catching shimmery shades and unique shapes, the new Unicorn attachments are designed for over-the-moon P-spot, perianal, G-spot, and non-penetrative pleasure,"...

"The Uni Horn attachment features an angled head that targets the prostate or G-spot for an epic orgasm, while the raised, studded texture provides perianal or external vaginal stimulation," noted the rep, while the Magic Hide attachment is designed for "non-penetrative stimulation with smooth contours and a studded texture for full-contact external massage."

The Mystical Waterfall attachment provides a "full-contact stimulation cascade texture bump to stimulate the vulva and clitoris or the prostate and perianal area with enhanced humping and grinding" and the Jackalope attachment offers "two satisfying bulbous tips to put pleasurable pressure on the prostate and perianal areas or the G-spot and clitoris."

The Two-Nicorn attachment "casts a magical double-penetration spell by simultaneously penetrating the vagina and anus or by stretching the sphincter with its two swirly horns," the rep said.

"We're thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response to the Unicorn lineup of pleasure tools and accessories, and we’re excited to introduce five new attachments that are compatible with the Unicorn and the Cowgirl Premium Sex Machines,” COTR Founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair Rosen said. “Designed with all bodies in mind, the new attachments provide out-of-this-world orgasmic stimulation with shapes that target internal, external hot spots."

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