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Get the The Unicorn for $1200 with free Gifts!

5 Dimensions Of Positions For The Cowgirl Cone

  • 4 min read

Curious about The Cowgirl Cone? This portable sex machine is ergonomically designed for a more discreet and sensational ride, but how you ride it makes all the difference. We asked our resident sex expert to take us through the different dimensions of positions for The Cone.

The innovative Cowgirl Cone opens up the world of sex machines to a more compact and versatile array of opportunities. With its dynamic shape, optional attachments, and suction base, this portable and powerful pleasure device can rock your rodeo like never before.

But before we get into position, let’s break down exactly what features the Cone has. You can also watch our Meet The Cone video for a more visual and in-depth overview.

The Cowgirl Cone comes with two attachments and a remote control. You might need these for some of our positions, so be sure to keep them close at hand. Be sure to also lube up your Cone regardless of which position you’re attempting for the safest and most comfortable experience.

This sex machine’s most unique feature is its extra strong suction base that allows you to affix it to most hard, clean surfaces. You can also use the cone on a firm surface without suction, such as a sturdy mattress or a carpeted floor. Before attempting any of these positions, ensure that you've tested the suction with the vibration turned on.

Let’s get into position!

The Scorpion

The Scorpion is a non-penetrative position for vulva and clitoral stimulation mimicking a "Cobra" yoga position. Before attempting this position, be mindful if you have lower back, wrist, or flexibility issues.

Begin on your knees straddling the Cone and align yourself so that the slope comfortably rests against your vulva with the tip ending at the clitoris. With the remote accessible, place your hands firmly on the ground and raise your shoulders into a cobra position. Once comfortable, use the remote to turn on the vibration and find your ideal intensity and pattern.

To increase stimulation, bend your knees, lifting your feet above your buttocks like a scorpion tail, placing more pressure on your vagina and hands.

Should you feel discomfort in your pelvis, vagina, or wrists, place your feet back on the ground.

The scorpion position for the cowgirl cone

The Hitching Post

The hitching post position for the cowgirl cone

The Hitching Post is a versatile position for vaginal or anal pleasure.

Begin by affixing The Cone to a wall at hip level and apply lubricant to the tip and surrounding slope. With the remote control easily accessible, stand with your body facing away from the wall and bend so that the tip of The Cone slightly grazes your vagina or anus. Then, bend your back so that the upper side of The Cone grazes your vulva or rim.

Bend further for slight grazing penetration, or move around the tip of the Cone to stimulate vulva or anal rim. You can also apply more pressure for fuller vaginal/perianal contact, or to stimulate the lower back side of the testicles.

For penetrative pleasure, affix The Alamo attachment to the cone and slowly slide onto The Alamo, inserting it into your vagina or anus. You can experiment with rotating The Alamo attachment at different angles to thoroughly hit your prostate or G-spot.

The Lasso

The Lasso is a partner-inspired grinding position for vaginal or anal pleasure. This position can also be achieved by bracing against a wall or sturdy object.

Affix The Saddle attachment to The Cowgirl Cone and assume a squat position, leaning back on your partner or a solid surface such as a wall. Move one leg out slightly while keeping the other near your torso, shifting your weight around The Saddle to stimulate the vulva and clitoris.

Your partner can stimulate your other erogenous zones, such as the nape of the neck, nipples, and ears, or even pair with anal or oral pleasure simultaneously.

Try this position with no attachment for slight grazing penetration, or with The Alamo for full penetrative pleasure.

The lasso position for the cowgirl cone

The Spur

The spur position for the cowgirl cone

The Spur is an elevated position that enhances intimacy and connection with your partner. This position can be achieved during solo play using a high table or firm bed.

To begin, place The Cone on a sturdy, elevated surface and sit on the cone so that the tip grazes your vagina or anus. With your partner or a solid platform in front of you, brace your weight with your arms against them.

Lift both legs in the air with your knees close to your torso so your weight is on the tip of The Cone.

Use the remote (or have your partner hold the remote) to adjust the vibration intensity levels.

If you would like a non-penetrative or fully penetrative option for this position, try using The Saddle or The Alamo attachments respectively.

The Power Play

The Power Play position requires a partner for the full effect and incorporates elements of bondage.

If S&M is not your thing, try this position without restraints.

Sit on The Cone with your buttocks pressed against the side of the slope so that the tip aligns up your vulva, placing your hands behind you for support. With your wrists close together, have your partner use safe restraints to tie your wrists together.

Allow your partner to use the remote, controlling the intensity level and vibration pattern of The Cone.

Lift and lower your legs to shift the contact position of The Cone against your vulva. You can also change your leg position to better graze your clitoris.

The power play position for the cowgirl cone

Allow your partner to simultaneously stimulate your other erogenous zones such as your nipples and neck, or use additional surface vibrators and textured toys. For prostate owners, use The Alamo attachment and try this position with anal penetration.

The Cowgirl Cone offers countless ways to explore new dimensions of pleasure beyond even our imagination. Once you’ve found your vibe, be sure to safely explore all the position opportunities that the Cone can provide with vaginal, anal, and partnered play.

Looking for a more intense rodeo?

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Happy trails!