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Gabrielle Kassel reviews The Cowgirl Sex Machine on Shape

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WTF Is a Sex Machine? Plus, Why You Might Want to Try One

If your standard handheld toys just aren't cutting it anymore, read on. Read the full article on Shape.


Do you ever just wanna revel in the stress-busting benefits of bumping uglies without having to hash-out some hottie's risk of COVID-19 exposure? In this year of Rona, a little pleasure sesh is a perfect antidote to the madness that has been 2020.

While a classic hand-held vibrator can certainly get the job done, if you're looking for an experience that's more similar to sex with a living, breathing human, you might consider a sex machine.

What Even Is a Sex Machine?

Sometimes called fu*king machines or rideable vibrators, a sex machine may sound some like a robot sex doll, but it's far less aggressive than it sounds. Sex machines are mechanical devices designed to deliver some of the physical sensations of partnered sex — usually, penetrative partnered sex, says sex educator Carly S, founder of Dildo or Dildon't, a pleasure product review and sex education platform.

There is no gender or genital requirement for sex machines. "Anybody with any body and anatomical make-up can enjoy a sex machine," she says.

What Is the Point of a Sex Machine?

"There are so many different reasons someone might want to invest in a sex machine," says Alicia Sinclair, sex educator and CEO ofThe Cowgirl, a premium sex machine manufacturer. But all those reasons come back to one thing: Pleasure.

Larger than other sex toys on the market, sex machines can fit a bigger motor. That more sizable motor allows sex machines to offer "an unbridled power that smaller toys are never going to offer," says Carly S. That's why sex machines are a great option for folks who need or want strong vibration intensity, she says.

Often designed to be mounted rider-on-top style, sex machines offer the user an incredible amount of control over depth, angle, speed, and intensity that can make finding that hot-spot easier, says Sinclair. In fact, many credit sex machines for their first-ever orgasm via penetrative play.

Don't read it wrong, though: Sex machines aren't just for singles. "Your partner can watch while you ride," says Sinclair. Or, because most sex machines can fit more than one partner at a time, they can ride with you.

"Sex machines are also a great way to re-create the sensation of a orgy with your partner," says Carly S. Because now instead of have just one other body to grind/ride/receive, you have one body and one machine.


The Most Luxurious Sex Machine: The Cowgirl

The Cadillac of sex machines, the Cowgirl is as high quality as you're gonna get. "Thanks to padded sides, it's incredibly comfortable," says Sinclair. With a base made of high-quality vegan leather it's also visually appealing.

Most of the attachments available for this lux sex machine are designed to provide internal stimulation (hello, G-spot and P-spot orgasms!). But there are two attachments that can be used externally: theBareback Silicone Smooth Attachment andRawhide Attachment. These two orgasmic options for those who enjoy external stimulation, dry humping, and grinding.

Another major perk of The Cowgirl is it can be controlled via app, making it the best option on the list for long-distance lovers and virtual players.