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Gabrielle Kassel reviews The Cowgirl Sex Machine on Well+Good

  • 2 min read
Gabrielle Kassel reviews The Cowgirl Sex Machine on Well and Good

We saddled up with Gabrielle Kassel for a rodeo of a review on Well + Good.

Let me tell you about the Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

“The Cowgirl is about the size of an ottoman, and it contains a giant vibrator inside of it,” says sex educator Alicia Sinclair, CEO of The Cowgirl. To enjoy the mega-vibe, you mount it like you would a mechanical bull and then ride it as you would a human. “The machine gives you the opportunity to have sex, rider-on-top, or cowgirl, style without another person,” Sinclair adds. You could also use a non-penetrative attachment to simulate dry-humping on your own.

The luxe machine features two different functions: vibrate and swivel. As you might guess, the vibrator function controls which of the six different vibrating intensities you get to experience. And the swivel function—should you choose to use it—controls how quickly the attachment spins inside you. If you enjoy the sensation of having your vaginal or anal walls stroked, consider this a serious win, because very few other sex toys simulate the experience.

…it's the details that set the Cowgirl apart from other sex machines available on the market. It's the only one that provides thigh padding, making it a more comfortable ride. “The body of the Cowgirl is also made of smooth vegan leather, which feels softer against the body than other materials” says Sinclair….“the base of the Cowgirl features silicone bumpers, which stop the machine from sliding on the floor or scratching it,”... Also noteworthy is that it comes with four different adapters, meaning you can get off from literally anywhere in the world.

“Created for bumping and grinding, the rumbly pressure of the two non-penetrative attachments against my vulva were enough to make me climax...quickly. Like, in under two minutes quickly.”

Ultimately, the Cowgirl is the best investment for adding some capital-B, capital-T Big Time pleasure to your sex life—be it solo, partnered, or multi-partnered…

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