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Free Gifts worth $380 on Unicorn Premium Sex Machine purchases!


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there are different types of lube to choose from (which we’ll get to), simply, lube is a substance (liquid or gel) that helps to reduce friction during penetrative sex, makes oral even more slippery and delicious, and takes fingering and handjobs up several notches. It’s basically the cherry on top of an already-satisfying sexual experience.

The Cowgirl andThe Unicorn can deliver plenty of ooh’s, ahh’s, and O’s on their own. But incorporating a butt plug into sex machine play can add a new flavor of pleasure to your repertoire. Here, learn exactly why you should wear a plug while your ride—plus exactly how to incorporate the plug for maximum pleasure.  

Repeat after me: The Cowgirl is a pleasure product that can be enjoyed by anyone. 

Indeed, that means people of any gender, sexuality, and genital make-up can enjoy the machine, but for this article we’re not talking about that. Here, we’re talking about how to enjoy the sex machine if you’ve ever found sex painful. 

Below, six tips that will help you get the most pleasure out of your sexperiences with The Cowgirl or The Unicorn—even if sex has historically been painful for you.  

Hate to break it to all the gardeners and landscapers out there, but dirty talk isn’t doesn’t involve talking about potting peonies or pansies. The only flowers dirty talk might involve are of the Georgia O’Keefe variety. Dirty talk is the act of using your sound box during an in-person or distanced sexual experience. Despite it’s vaguely shamey nomenclature, there is nothing unkempt or wrong about it. On the contrary, narrating before and during sex is a powerful tool for building or heightening arousal.

Intimacy. You know it when you feel it. But trying to explain it will have you grasping at the alphabet the way someone might grasp their lover's hair while receiving oral. But as hard to nail down the definition of intimacy may be, it’s one of the things people most seek out during their sex sessionespecially when Valentine's Day circles around. 

You deserve a round of applause. (Yes, you, Dear Reader!). Making the decision to purchase a sex machine is something very worth celebrating. After all, investing in a sex machine is also investing in your own pleasure! However, once you decide to buy a sex machine you next need to figure out what sex machine. Arguably, The Cowgirl and The Sybian are the two most popular options. But which, between the two, is best? Read on for a side-by-side comparison of the two most popular sex machines in the world, in 5 different categories. 

Santa was fuming. Twas the night before Christmas, but all through his house… creatures were doing more than just stirring. Vixen had a habit of running off to have too much fun right before work. But this time, she took Santa’s red-nosed power-lead, Rudolph, with her. He knew he shouldn’t have unlocked Rudy’s chastity cage, but he had a big job to do and Santa was worried the constriction might keep Rudolph from flying his best. But Rudy always had a horny problem, and it had nothing to do with his antlers. Santa needed a solution… and quick if he was to spread holiday joy in time for Christmas!

You might toss things into your junk drawer willy-nilly. But a sex toy drawer is not a junk drawer! Ideally, your nightstand drawer will feature a curated collection of pleasure products you know will bring your (err) junk and other erogenous zones pleasure. Ready to give your collection a makeover? Read on for a guide on the best sex toys for your nightstand. Trust, the 6 sex toys below deserve a place in your nightstand and your sex life. 

Here are 6 questions that can help you figure out which type of birth control is right for you. Trust, your answers to these will be veryyyy useful in helping you discern your best option. From pills to patches, rings to rubbers, implants to IUDs, there are basically more types of birth control methods than there are Cowgirl attachments! While options in the realm of sexual health are a good thing, that also means that picking the right birth control option for you will require a whole lot of narrowing down.

Teasing may sound like something your sibling subjected you to in elementary school, and denial may remind you of the time you lost TV access for a month. But in the bedroom, teasing and denial aren’t child’s play—they’re tools for improving your sex life. Here, sexuality professionals explain how to use teasing and denial during sexy time to ramp up the pleasure potential and even make orgasms bigger, better, and longer than before. 

To state the obvious, if you’re having partnered (or multi-partnered!), bathtub sex allows you to see your beloved(s) naked! Bathtub sex is the ultimate stress relief two-for-on. It combines the stress-relief properties of a warm bath with that of orgasm, bathtub sex gives you a whoosh of tension release. Bathtub sex also enables people to enjoy the warm, wet, wild wonder of water sex, without the risk of slipping that shower sex does. Sure, (most) standing sex positions are off the table during bathtub sex, the risk of falling goes down the drain…

As we wrap up the second year of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and head into junior year of masks  and mandates, it may be easy to forget the pandemic time when physical distancing led us to be a little more ~physical~ with ourselves, but it’s time we remember.