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Glamour Features The Cowgirl and Alicia Sinclair in Print Issue

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The Cowgirl Sex Machine featured in Glamour


Cady Drell’s article — How Far Would You Go for an Orgasm? — featuring Alicia Sinclair and her brand The Cowgirl, was first published in the April 2018 issue of Glamour. Below is an excerpt from the article.


The Sex Saddle

A sex saddle is exactly what it sounds like: a furniture-size vibrator with plenty of, um, horsepower. The original version, called the Sybian, was invited in the 1980s and has been called the most powerful sex toy in the world. But at a retail price of $1,250, it mostly shows up in porn. Recently, though, new companies have updated this toy for a different woman in mind. “My goal was to modernize it, both aesthetically and with the tech,” says Alicia Sinclair, the founding director of the company behind the sleek new The Cowgirl, which costs $2,000. (Another company, Motorbunny, aims to make the toy more buyer-friendly with an $899 model.) All the different variations need plenty of closet space — unless you like things out in the open. “I think having a large piece that kind of takes up space is great for the overall conversation around women’s pleasure,” says Sinclair.


The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine as featured in Glamour Magazine