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50 Shades of Rainbow - An Erotic Tail

  • 6 min read

50 Shades of Rainbow - An Erotic Tail of Magic and Ecstasy by The Cowgirl

50 Shades of Rainbow

An Erotic Tail of Magic and Ecstasy

By Mare E. Trotter

Archie was nervous. As they stood at the edge of the Pony Show Club’s dance floor, they looked out at the sea of shirtless steeds prancing around in front of him. Archie was newly out of the stable, a non-binary foal to this world, so venturing into a stud bar was like a pony’s first-time visit to the circus.

Tapping his hooves, the 6-foot mahogany bronco seemed intrigued and was wanting to join the rodeo of raunchy trotters on the dance floor. They just needed that little crop to the butt to get him going. And then they saw him. Standing by the bar was the horni-est unicorn he had ever seen. The stallion stood about 6’5” with bulging muscular arms peering from the large cut-out sides of his tank top, which exposed a tease of his sculpted abdomen, and chiseled thighs that his tight chinos were fighting to contain.

The Unicorn gave him a wink and motioned for Archie to join him at the bar. Albeit timid, the young horse couldn't resist the Unicorn’s sparkling skin and well endowed… horn. With faint-hearted excitement, they trotted over to the bar.

“Does your horn always sparkle like that”, Archie said to the stallion.

“Only when it’s excited to see someone”, The Unicorn replied.

At a closer view, Archie could see the details in the Unicorn’s well-sculpted body. His smooth sparkly skin glistened under the lights of the club. His veiny muscles popped, accentuating his boisterous pecs. And his thighs and hips were sturdy, sculpted, and positively perfect for riding.

“Name’s Calypso”, the Unicorn brayed. “And you are?”

“A-arichie”, they replied with a bit of a stutter.

“Hehe, cute name for a cute stallion.”

“I actually identify as non-binary”, Archie replied with a sudden spark of conviction.

Calypso looked impressed at their bravery, “My apologies, for a cute bronco then.”

A wave of comfort overcame Archie. This seemed like a man who finally understood them, and was attractive to boot.

Calypso gave Archie a glinting look as a prism of colors refracted from his horn.

“Well, you already know how I to tell when I see someone I like, but how do I know about you?”

Archie felt a wave come over them. They were young, hung, and full of cum, and they were just waiting for the right stallion who they felt comfortable enough to ride off with. Archie pulled into Calypso, pressing his groin against Calypso’s robust thigh.

“Is this obvious enough”, Archie said as they pressed their rock hard cock onto Calypso’s side, flexing the muscles of their member to signal they were in full control of their sensations. Calypso pulled Archie in close, clasping his mouth to Archie’s and suckling their lower lip in between his teeth with soft titillation.

Well aware of the scene at hand, the bartender passed the couple two full shot glasses.

“We don’t need those”, Archie said to the bartender before looking back into Calypso’s eyes.

“We won’t be staying much longer.”

The couple arrived at Calypso’s corral; an upscale barn with a lavish living area adorned with faux fur throws, sparkling purple wallpaper, and contemporary art that Archie couldn’t distinguish, but nevertheless gave an air of opulence to the foyer. But most eye-catching was the overstuffed, plush, circular, satin draped bed that sat at the head of the room.

“Are you ready to make magic happen?” Calypso whispered into Archie’s ear as they were still exploring the room with their imagination.

Before Archie could answer, they felt the stiff presence of a fully erect horn press into the gap of their thighs. A warm wave overcame Archie as they immediately reacted by pressing their hips backwards into the protruding pole, teasing it just above their still clothed hole.

Calypso began to kiss Archie’s neck with vigor, first starting with a few soft pecks before opening his mouth wide and suctioning onto the side of Archie’s collar bone, moving his tongue in a circular motion that caused Archie to moan out in pleasure.

“Do you like that, Bronco?”, Calypso whispered in between the swirls of his titillating tongue.

“Yes… sir…” Archie could barely get out in two breaths as their body was rocked with the teasing ecstasy of the moment.

“I’m gonna make you shoot rainbows” Calypso said as he pressed Archie over the bed and pulled his skinny jeans down, revealing a neon pink jockstrap with their ass and tail in full presentation.

“Let’s turn this tail”, Calypso said with a smirk as he reached for something under the bed.

Archie turned their head to the side and noticed Calypso had pulled out what looked to be a magical chest from the side of the circular bed frame. With a click, the chest opened and Calypso pulled out what appeared to be a bright blue silicone horn.

“You want me to plug this hole”, Calypso whispered into Archie’s ear as he motioned around their rim in a circular motion with a well-lubricated finger, slowly pressing in and out of the steed’s tight ass first with one finger, then with two.

“Please, sir” Archie replied in a whimper. Calypso removed his finger and squeezed the lube over the horned plug before slowly plunging it into Archie’s anus. Archie whimpered with pleasure as the plug slowly entered their cave, feeling every notch of the smooth horn caress the inside of their sphincter before finally reaching their prostate.

“Yeeeeesssss” Archie let out in a slow, pleased groan as Calypso pushed the plug into Archie all the way to the tapered base.

“Time for a magic trick”, Calypso said slyly as he pressed a button on the bottom of the plug. The silicone horn then began vibrating in sporadic patterns, first continuous, then in a rhythm as Archie cried out with pleasure.

“That’s what you like, Bronco? I think we can do better than that.”

Still reeling from the pleasurable bursts of vibration, Archie turned their head to see Calypso pull another tool from his mystic chest. This time, a white wand with a bright blue silicone head and a hefty shaft.

Calypso pushed a button on the side of the wand as it began bursting with pulses and gingerly pressed the toy into Archie’s throbbing member. Archie was already beginning to soak the front of their jockstrap with precum as all of the sensations began getting the better of their body. They had never felt this many simultaneous sensations before and felt as though they were close to climax. But… not the kind of climax that Archie had experienced by themselves before. This climax was deeper and stronger than any they’d felt.

“I’m not letting you cum just yet” Calypso mused as he removed his chinos and briefs, revealing a member like none Archie had ever seen before…

“Unicorns must truly be magical”, Archie thought to themself as they observed Calypso’s sparkling cock. However this cock was not shaped like any traditional penis; this cock was bulging all the way down the shaft with raised ridges almost as though Unicorn cocks were created purely with pleasure in mind.

Calypso removed the plug from Archie’s hole and told the young bronco to stand up. Calypso then laid on the bed with his sparkling, lube-covered cock in the air.

“I want you to ride me over the rainbow”, Calypso said with a reassuring glint.

50 Shades of Rainbow - An Erotic Tail of Magic and Ecstasy by The Cowgirl

Archie obliged and straddled Calypso cowpoke style with the two now face to face. Archie slowly lowered themselves onto Calypso, feeling the internal massage of his member with every inch. Once Archie had fully lowered themselves to the base of Calypso’s cock, the stallion grinned.

“Are you ready for the ride of your life”, he said.

Before Archie could respond, they felt a powerful and bizarrely pleasurable sensation. Calypso’s cock began moving in a circular motion around his p-spot in the most mind-numbingly orgasmic motion the horse had ever experienced. First with a whimper and then with a full-out moan, Archie’s body was rocked with waves of pleasure, feeling the long shaft of the Unicorn caressing the length of his hole and sphincter all the way to his prostate.

“And we’ve only just begun”, Calypso said, as he picked the wand at their side back up and began to massage the vibrations into Archie’s nipples.

More sir, more, I’m begging to cum” Archie shouted as their body was overtaken by the full-body waves of tantalizing power emanating from the Unicorn and his toys.

It was then that the Unicorn knew it was time to finish the bronco off. With full control of his horn, he moved the rotating member inside Archie even faster, registering almost 6,500 RPM on the young buck’s prostate, causing waves upon waves of pleasure through Archie’s body from their nipples to their prostate and through their penis.

With a loud moan of mythical proportions, Archie’s tail began to turn, the darker colors glowed and shifted as Calypso also let out a moan of ecstasy. With a bright flash, Calypso let out one final groan that shook the entire barn, and Archie’s tail turned to rainbow. Archie responded as well.

“Yes, yes, I’m gonna cum!”, and without a second's notice sprayed his cock juice all over the unicorn’s body shooting onto the now sweat-stained satin sheets and reaching the floor.

Archie pulled off of Calypso’s well-lubricated member and noticed the new, magical color of his tail.

“You really did fuck the rainbows out of me,” he said with a smile.

Just as the Unicorn had promised, It truly was the ride of his life.

50 Shades of Rainbow - An Erotic Tail of Magic and Ecstasy by The Cowgirl