Get the The Unicorn for $1200 with free Gifts!

Get the The Unicorn for $1200 with free Gifts!

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b-Vibe On-the-GO Lube Travel Pack (Pack of 5)

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Looking for TSA-approved lube? Perfect for vacation sex, gifting, or always being ready for wherever the mood hits you, b-Vibe's On-The-Go Lube Travel Packs are a travel-friendly size of their bestselling b-Vibe Water-based lube. Compatible with all sex toys, this lube is formulated for comfort and longevity during anal or vaginal play.

  • 100% vegan and toy safe
  • Wallet-sized for easy, discreet travel
  • Sleek and smooth without being sticky
  • TSA Regulation approved


Wine and workouts can be full-bodied, sure. But orgasms? You betcha. 

Behold: The Full-body orgasm. 

Yes, they're as pleasurable as they sound. 

Read on to learn what full-body orgasms are exactly. Plus, how to explore them—because trust, once you learn how good they feel you’ll want to. 

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Intimacy. You know it when you feel it. But trying to explain it will have you grasping at the alphabet the way someone might grasp their lover's hair while receiving oral. But as hard to nail down the definition of intimacy may be, it’s one of the things people most seek out during their sex sessionespecially when Valentine's Day circles around.