Free Gifts worth $380 with the Unicorn Premium Sex Machine!

Free Gifts worth $380 on Unicorn Premium Sex Machine purchases!


b-Vibe mASSter's Anal Education Set

Get buckin' on your bussy building with the most fulfilling, prostate-pounding, rear-rootin-tootin set for anal experts. The b-Vibe Anal Education Set: mASSter's Degree Edition.

Explore your southern cavern with deep anal stimulation using the large anal beads. Experience fanny FULL-fillment anywhere you desire with the discreet Snug Plug 6, or fully submerge yourself in a euphoric trip around the edge with the Rimming Plug XL. Keep a rectal record of your progress with the training cone.

We've also included a deep wash enema, nitrile gloves, and a lubricant applicator for extreme heinie hygiene to prepare for these deep indulgences.

This mASSter's Anal Education Set includes:

  • b-Vibe Snug Plug 6
  • b-Vibe Rimming Plug XL with Remote
  • b-Vibe Anal Beads
  • Anal Training Cone
  • Lube Applicator
  • Deep Wash Enema
  • Body-Safe Nitrile Gloves
  • mASSter's Collection Guide

The Cowgirl is well known for giving the ultimate pleasure ride that you’ll wanna saddle up on again and again. But don’t let the mega-vibrator’s namesake trick you into thinking The Cowgirl is the only sex position it can be used for. Here are our top 10 sex machine positions for solo and couples play that you can try on The Cowgirl or Unicorn!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of a good butt must be in want of good butt play — especially before anal sex. The worst anal sex tops simply charge in with no thought for warming up the butt, and these tops tend to cause more pain than pleasure. If that’s your jam and your playmates consent to that kind of play, that’s fine, but you should convey that beforehand: a simple “I like to go rough” is needed before you start. Otherwise, you can seriously hurt someone.

The innovative Cowgirl Cone opens up the world of sex machines to a more compact and versatile array of opportunities. With its dynamic shape, optional attachments, and suction base, this portable and powerful pleasure device can rock your rodeo like never before.