Getting In The Mood to Play with A Posse of Perfect Partners

Getting In The Mood to Play with A Posse of Perfect Partners

The ride of your life can be quite a daunting experience. No matter which attachment you choose to saddle up on, your Premium Sex Machine will have you rearing for a wild time. But sometimes, the best journeys are experienced with a partner, and for that, we have a number of riding buckaroos from nipple clamps to mini vibes, ready to give you a jolt of joy that's sure to send you galloping into euphoria.

Surface Stimulators

No matter if you're riding the Cowgirl or Unicorn, your Sex Machine is gonna cause quite a rumble in the south. But sometimes, some additional surface stimulation can help elevate your experience from a pleasure romp, to a full-on raunchy rodeo! For this, consider using a surface stimulating mini-vibe to pinpoint areas like the clitoris (for vagina owners), penis (for penis owners), nipples, or any other zone you might find personally pleasurable. Double tipped mini-vibes are excellent for pinching the nipples, while smaller, direct vibes can give a hand (or a vibe) to any of your southern organs.

By using the Cowgirl app's one-handed mode, you can easily control the settings of your ride while leaving one hand free to direct a mini vibe to your heart's content. For more advanced riders, leave it to Endless Loop mode. Create your own playlist of settings and let your Sex Machine do the work while you leave both hands free for further exploration with a mini vibe... or two... Direct your vibes to stimulate the erogenous zones on your upper body, or press near the pelvis to flank your internal pleasure with external sensations.

Pony Pluggers

Double penetration and prostate stimulation (for prostate owners) can crank up your Cowgirl experience to 11. Even with double penetration attachments like the Buckwild or Twonicorn, an extra plug or butt stuff partner can provide a variety of sensations and even further heightened stimulation.

While riding with a surface attachment like the bareback or magic hide, pop in a plug to add a level of backdoor stimulation to your perianal trot. Use a weighted plug to add a feeling of fullness that will quake with the vibration of your Sex Machine. A weighted plug might also be a more comfortable choice for riding, as the tapered base can keep your tushie flushed to your machine, allowing your attachment to penetrate deeper and keep your plug more secure. Or, order that salad tossed to-go by using a rimming plug to rock your rectum with a mouth-free ass eating while pleasuring your perineum or penetrating your vagina.

You can even kick up the role-play a notch by incorporating a tailed plug or a themed textured plug into the play. Indulging in fantasy is a quick way to take the lead in a climactic story.

Clip the Nip

Really put yourself in a pinch by pairing nipple clamps with your ruckus ride. Get geared up for a full-body orgasm by combining any number of clamps to your Sex Machine experience and simultaneously activate your erogenous zones from internal to external. Twist your tips with a chained clamp and incorporate texture sensations of metal with the vibrations of the matching. Or, use a three-clamp toy to pinch your clit or testicles while anchoring your nipples. The added vibration from the Cowgirl will shake your chains and pull you to a world of pleasure.

For added nipple chain techniques, have your partner raise and lower the chain for a weighty pain-sation, or literally grab you by the reigns for a kinky roleplay scenario. Combine this with a strap or wrist restraint for a full-on BDSM adventure

Gather Your Gang

So corral up your posse of pleasure partners and fill your stable with a variety of toys. There's no end to the combinations that can send you on a ride to Pleasuretown. The more toys at your disposal, the more happy trails you'll have to take on your journey of sexploration.