Silicone Attachments

100% body-safe attachments for The Cowgirl Sex Machine ready to take you on every adventure of your wildest fantasies.

Pleasure Products

Take your ride up a stride with pleasure products to make your play on The Cowgirl Sex Machine a thoroughly fulfiling journey.


Enhance your play on The Cowgirl. Whether you're exploring bondage and BDSM or looking for something sexy to tease, we've got it all.

Sensual Care

Keep your attachments and toys in prime condition with our variety of toy cleaners as well as silicone and skin safe lubricants.

Sensual Satin Wrist and Ankle Ties

Tie up your partner for a sensual, kinky experience with this pair of silky ties to restrain wrists or ankles in a variety of creative positions.

Perfect to explore bondage play with your partner, bring in an element of roleplay to truly have an out-of-this-world experience. Made of soft silky satin, these ties are gentle on the skin. 


Sensual Play


Beginner Friendly

Silky Satin Material — The soft, sensual material is non-intimidating for first-time bondage players and adds a touch of luxury to your BDSM play.
Fits wrists or ankles — These ties allow you to let your imagination run wild with their simple design that makes them suitable as wrist or ankle restraints.
Versatile — Offering a generous length, these ties can be easily tied to bedposts or other furniture for even more ways to play.
Beginners-Friendly — For those venturing into bondage play, these soft ties can be easily removed for a worry-free first-time experience.
Couples-Friendly — Explore bondage play, or use one of the ties as a blindfold for fun sensory deprivation play.

  • Length: 27.56” / 70 cm
For some people, stimulating the prostate is so pleasurable it results in orgasm—a really, really powerful orgasm. Beyond feeling good, another perk of prostate orgasms is that they don’t require the pleasure-seeker’s penis to be hard. This makes them a great release for people with erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, and long refractory periods.
The terms “voyeur” and “exhibitionist” get thrown around willy-nilly, but question: Do you actually know what they mean? Read on to find out that, and so much more. 

First things first, the cowgirl is a sex position anybody—regardless of gender, genital make up, or sexual orientation—can enjoy! That’s why it’s also sometimes known by the less-gendered terms: ‘rider-on-top’, ‘rider’, ‘cowhuman’, or ‘person-on-top’. (Because it’s best known as the cowgirl position, that’s how we’ll be referring to it moving forward).