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Spanning the Gap: Long Distance Sex

With the Cowgirl and FeelMe Apps, using the Cowgirl Sex Machine from across the country or even the world helps bridge long-distance relationships

Keeping the spark alive with a partner can be challenging, especially when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Thankfully, app-enabled sex toys, such as The Cowgirl, are helping couples stay connected, maintain intimacy, and have hot long-distance sex by combining the latest in pleasure-based design and interactive wireless app technology. Learn more about staying connected and keeping your sex life with your partner thriving across distance!


Interactivity is at the center of The Cowgirl’s design. This couples' sex machine focuses on keeping partners connected through the use of interactive media by allowing one partner to control the other’s Cowgirl across distances. The Cowgirl features both Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity, which allows for interactive play whether you and your partner are in separate rooms or separate countries. Keep your sex, kink, and orgasm control alive across short and long distances with a little help from the Cowgirl and FeelMe Apps. These apps help to support real-time play and intimacy by putting control of your partner’s Cowgirl in the palm of your hand.

How it works:

The Cowgirl Remote Control App gives you the power to fully customize your partner’s experience from your smartphone. This App, which can be used up to 30’ away, allows you to control vibration intensity, rotation settings, and vibration patterns, to create an experience as unique as your partner’s pleasure. Some additional features of the app include the ability to stop and start play instantly, and a lock screen that prevents you from accidentally changing modes in the middle of play. Try increasing the level of intensity from 1 to 10 (up to 1,200 RPMs), and cycling through steady vibration or 6 different vibration patterns.

For play that spans a distance greater than 30’, you can also connect your Cowgirl to the FeelMe App, which allows for more interactivity over a wireless connection, so you can play together anywhere in the world, as long as you’re both connected wirelessly to the app. With the FeelMe App, you can connect with a partner’s device and remotely control their couples' sex machine. The app further enhances the opportunity for real-time connection and intimacy by connecting to a unique video chat platform.

This ground-breaking technology is launching long-distance sex into the future, by allowing couples to span the gap of distance, and stay connected by having interactive play and sensations in real-time, and in very tactile ways.

How to Incorporate the Cowgirl Into Your Long-Distance Play:

Sharing control of your Cowgirl is at the center of the experience of using this powerful sex machine. Both handing over control of your Cowgirl, and being in charge of creating the sensations and experience for your partner can be huge turn ons. Here are a few tips on how to incorporate The Cowgirl into your long-distance partner play.

To incorporate The Cowgirl into your long-distance play, first begin by exploring your Cowgirl on your own. If you’re riding the Cowgirl, try out the different vibration patterns and intensities, and rotation modes, and both the Rawhide and Wild West attachments. Figure out which spring or posts you prefer, and make sure you have a lot of water-based lubehandy before your date. Remember your preferred settings, what levels you prefer to play at, and which attachment you’d like to explore with your partner. Have a sexy conversation beforehand where you negotiate play based on those desires before handing over control and saddling up.

If you’re controlling your partner’s Cowgirl, get familiar with the app’s full functionality, and think of creative ways you’d like to build up intensity, and customize the ride. Ask your partner which settings and attachments they prefer, and what types of play they’re interested in incorporating into your playtime.

Communication is at the center of hot sex. Remember to clarify all of your desires, curiosities, limits, and boundaries before you play. Make sure you have verbal and non-verbal cues to let your partner know how you’re enjoying the play, or if there are any adjustments you’d like to make. Choose a safeword that you are both familiar with before you play.

Warm-up with some dirty talk, and walk each other through your desire to get in the mood together. Many couples like to masturbate together over video chat, or to put on a show for each other, masturbating one at a time and telling their partner how they like it. You can do this with our without toys, so you can even try riding the Cowgirl and controlling it yourself before handing over the remote control to your partner.

While you’re playing, try out different techniques for controlling the Cowgirl. Build up intensity by starting on a lower vibration setting, and layering sensations by gradually increasing the intensity by using the app’s simple interface. Ask your partner for physical or verbal cues about how they’re enjoying the intensity. Starting at a lower setting can help increase arousal and prolong the duration of play, by helping the body become more aroused and more receptive to stimulation.

Sex doesn’t have to be a race to orgasm (unless you want it to be). Give yourselves plenty of time to explore all of the possible combinations of intensity, patterns, and rotation your Cowgirl has to offer. Enjoy all of the different sensations as they are happening, without focusing on the goal of orgasm. Having an interactive experience of pleasure doesn’t have to be goal-oriented.

Even though the app can only control the Cowgirl itself, there are still many ways to engage both partners and to incorporate different erogenous areas as you play. Ask your partner to wear your favorite of their lingerie, or to put on nipple clamps or insert a butt plug. Give each other direction about the noises you’d like to hear, or places on to touch yourselves.

You can also incorporate an element of tease by increasing and lowering sensations, or switching between pulsation patterns. The element of tease and denial can be very light, or it can be more advanced and incorporate an element of power play and orgasm denial, based on the type of play you’ve negotiated.

Long-distance sex and intimacy can thrive through imagination, fantasy, and a commitment to continue exploring together. The Cowgirl is an excellent tool for couples who are looking for strong ways to remain connected across distance.