Get to know The CG App

Get to know The CG App

Get Ready for All-New Happy Trails with the CG 2.0 App

Saddle up for a whole new kind of ride with the newly revamped CG 2.0 App for the Cowgirl and Unicorn Premium Sex-Machines. The newly designed interface of our Bluetooth-compatible application is ideal for grabbing your sexploration by the reins and taking full control of your pleasure on any Apple or Android device.

Buckin' with Bluetooth

Strap your partner in for a rodeo of your control, or let them lead you on a journey to Pleasure Town with up to 30 feet of Bluetooth connectivity. Mount up for sensual surprises with the extended range of control and ease of mobility that lets the controller map out the journey for their partner. Play with distance and discretion; give your partner control from another room and let them direct your desires remotely, or take a break and remotely pleasure your rider from the comfort of your home office.

Your Ride, Your Control

Explore multiple horizons of orgasmic fantasy with our single or double-handed modes. Each mode gives the controller different degrees of precision for the sexual adventure they desire. Give yourself more hands to work your erogenous zones or use a toy with single-hand mode. Control both vibration intensity and rotation with the flick of a finger to give yourself the freedom to flick (prod, twist, caress, or tantalize) other areas of your body. This mode can also be ideal for multiple toy stimulation, giving you ample mobility to maneuver a second devious device to amplify your orgasms.

Giddy up with full control using the double-handed mode. This mode allows you to independently adjust the rotation and intensity of your premium sex machine for a controlled, climactic gallop into euphoria. Pulsate, edge, and stimulate yourself with transitions as sudden or gradual as you desire using the two adjustable touch levels. This mode is ideal for beginners who are still exploring their ideal ride settings, or for partners wanting full dominion over their partner's orgasm.

To Infinity and Beyond

Curate a playlist of pleasure with the infinite loop mode. Create a rhythm of pulsations, rotations, and intensities to go on a hands-free heavenly sexploration. Stream together all of your desired modes using our preset options, or create your own for a unique experience built specifically for your innermost desires and leave your hands free for interaction with your partner or yourself.