7 Solo Sex Positions With The Cowgirl Sex Machine

7 Solo Sex Positions with The Cowgirl - The Cowgirl Blog

Written by sex journalist and expert, Gabrielle Kassel, for The Cowgirl. 

7 Solo Sex Positions With The Cowgirl Sex Machine

The cowgirl sex position is often seen as a two-person configuration. But a sex machine by the same name, The Cowgirl, allows you to reap all the pleasure benefits of the position during your solo sex life. 

Still, you shouldn’t let the mega-vibrators namesake trick you into thinking cowgirl is theonly sex position it can be used for—it can also be enjoyed for solo missionary, doggy style, DP, and more. 

Read on for a full breakdown of the best solo sex positions to try with The Cowgirl. 

7 Solo Sex Positions With The Cowgirl 

1. Tilted Missionary 

Solo Sex Positions with the Cowgirl Sex Machine - Tilted Missonary

If you lay on your back while getting off with your finger or a hand-held vibrator, this twist sex-machine-friendly take on the missionary sex position is for you. 

Start by affixing your machine with one of the non-penetrative attachments (Bareback or Rawhide), then tilt the machine onto its side so the swath of vibrating silicone is perpendicular to the bed. Next, straddle the machine, scooching your cooch or gooch forward until it’s flush against the attachment. 

Experiment with tilting your pelvis up in different directions until you hit your just-right spot. Ramp up the intensity of the vibration by hooking each hand on a corner and pulling the machine into your body. 

2. Solo Reverse Rider 

Solo Sex Positions with the Cowgirl Sex Machine - Solo Reverse Rider

Cue Somo because in this position you’re gon’ ride all night, all night. The second-most obvious sex position to crank out a rideable vibrator, solo reverse rider entails mounting the machine backward and bumping and grinding until you 🎵span style="font-weight: 400;">whoa oh whoa oh 🎵

You’ll begin by outfitting the machine in a penetrative attachment, but which you choose will vary based on your personal pleasure preferences. If you enjoy shallow penetration, opt for the Lone Ranger which features a bulbous head perfect for providing G-zone and P-spot pressure. If you’re interested in recreating intercourse with a biological penis, pick the Bronco which is modeled after a bio-cock. Or, you can keep it classic with the Wild West, which is a standard, non-textured 4-inch dildo. 

Squirt your favorite water or oil-based lubricant into your hand, coating both your own bits and the attachment. Then, climb aboard facing away from the handle. Rather than going from zero to penetration, spend adequate time grinding your external genitals along the buzzing shaft. 

When you can feel your hole pucker or gape with desire, get your fill. Some people prefer keeping the cock inside them, simply rocking their hips back and forth to massage their internal walls. Other people enjoy the sensation of in-and-out. Find what works for you. 

3. Grinding Go Getter

Solo Sex Positions with the Cowgirl Sex Machine - Grinding Go Getter

Grinding Go Getter is all about teasing and pleasuring your external bits. If you spend the bulk of your pleasure-practice touching your clit or cock, labia or balls, or pubic mound, this non-penetrative position is for you. 

The set-up for Grinding Go Getter is similar to Solo Rider, the main difference being that the attachment you use is dildo-free. Once the Bareback or Rawhide is securely attached, lube up then climb aboard. 

There are no wrong ways to grind against the attachments. You might slowly tilt your pelvic forward and backing, thinking about drawing long lines on the machine with your genitals. You might tilt your body back-and-forth until you find your O-spot, staying there mostly unmoving until you climax. Or, you might use your leg muscles to bop up and down on the attachment, teasing yourself until the build-up is too great to resist. *Throws one back for options*. 

4. Belly Bumper 

Solo Sex Positions with the Cowgirl Sex Machine - Belly Bumper

The love-child of doggy-style and stomach rubbing, for this position you’ll straddle the machine then lean forward resting the weight of your body on your hands, forearms, or a stack of pillows. From here, you have the option to extend your legs back behind you or to splay your knees further to the side in a frog-like configuration. 

This stomach-down option is great for vulva-owners who enjoy humping their partner(s), as well as those who enjoy the sensation of rubbing themselves against a thigh, pillow, or stuffed animal. Because you’re able to modulate exactly how much pressure your bits receive, it works for people with sensitive bits as well as those who need a lot of pressure to experience pleasure. 

One way to spice up this position is to keep your skivvies on while you ride, using the material to your advantage. Here, silk works best. Another way to bring the heat if you’re using a non-penetrative attachment is to bop in a butt plug or vaginal plug so that you can enjoy the sensation of fullness alongside the external stimulation. 

5. Showstopper 

Putting on a show for yourself is the name of the game for this visual position. 

To try it, don on your sexiest undergarments and position your machine in front of your full-length mirror. Next, perform a striptease for yourself to the classic Nelly bop, or whatever other beats make you feel sexiest. When you’re bare and ready to bone, make your way to The Cowgirl

Allow the machine to stand-in for an IRL person with the help of the Bronco attachment, which is modeled after a biological penis. Or, affix the vibrator with whatever other attachment you’re craving, and get after it. 

As you pleasure yourself, be sure to appreciate the way you look accepting the attachment’s length. Drool over the way your skin folds and curves, dimples, and dips. Smirk at your own sexy seduction skills. Trust, this will help you get both your climax *and* confidence boost. 

6. The Twofer

This position is for vagina-havers who enjoy simultaneous front and back hole penetration. To try this it you’ll need the Buckwild, the two-prong attachment that features the dildo from the Wild West paired with a six-bead string of anal beads. 

Ready? Rather than startingon the machine, start off to the side with your go-to anal pleasure products in hand (i.e. lube, butt plug, anal beads). Spend adequate time teasing your holes, then when you feel your anus start to pucker with desire, climb aboard! 

Alternate between using your leg muscles to rise and fall an inch or two over and over again, and staying put letting the high-intensity vibrator work its magic. 

7. Tilter Twofer

If you’d prefer to be double-penetrated from a doggy-style position, try the Tilter Twofer. 

Here, you’ll tilt the machine onto its side. Thenand there's no other way to explain thisyou’ll back dat ass up until you feel each of your holes being gently nudged. At this point, you may need to reach a hand between your legs to properly align each of the penetrating limbs with your hole. Once in position, slowly (!) rock your hips back until you’re full. 

Remember: For DP, slow and steady should be your mantra.